🌋 Sparking Volcano- Chocolate brownie topped with caramel & chocolate sauce and creamy whipped topping served with vanilla🍦 @rainforestcafeuae @thedubaimall. Good for 3 or more 👍

🥩 🧀 & 🚀 🍁 (Meat, Cheese & Rocket leaves)- Basterma (Manakish) @almaeda_restaurant @doubletreebyhiltonjumeirah 👌🏻

Stir fried 🍦also known as Rolled ice-cream @smoothiesecrets_uae. Have you tired one 🤔 #dinewithfooding @shehbaz_mohamed

The outrageously messy Australian 🇦🇺 invention- Freakshakes 😍. Which cafe in #dubai serves the best mashup drink?

Weekend is just another reason to have pizza. 📸Tex- Mex 🍕 @dominosuae. #pizzalover

Float & Dine at #mysore. Have you tried something like that 🤔. #tb #foodingtravel #india

Kava or Chai, what’s your preference? Rather settle for both! 📸 The Signature Kava & Chai @kavaandchai @alseefdubai. #dinewithfooding @shidhu

What’s up Wednesday, how about some pizza. 📸-Memphis BBQ @dominosuae. #dinewithfooding @rishanbasheer

Celebrate 🇮🇳 Independence with @bombaytomumbaicafe. Today’s dinner with welcome🍹 at Aed 15 for the 1st 15 guests. 📷 #dinewithfooding @mohammedveecy #tb

🥗, 🍜, 🍳, 🍕 ,🥘, 🍮 & much more... @londondairycafe @lamerdubai. #dinewithfooding @ayesharishan

For all the Cheetos fan out there, do try the Cheetos 🍔 @smoothiesecrets_uae. Did we say their smoothies are not be missed? #dinewithfooding @shehbazmohamedshakeer

True friends share good food 🥘. Are you 1? Avail 50% Off on your entire bill throughout August by using Promo Code- Friendship @kebab_bistro. Happy Fooding Friendship Day!!
📸Dhansak- The popular Indian Dish originating among the Parsi community made by cooking lamb with a mixture of lentils, vegetables & served with caramelized brown rice. #dinewithfooding @hameeeeze

Indulge yourself with the new affair in town! The Brunch Affair 🧡 @barbarydxb @trypwyndhamdxb, happening every Friday & Saturday. #dinewithfooding @marwaneese #foodingrecommended

1,2,3!!! The Triple-Decker 🍕 @debonairspizzauae is a must try 😋. #dinewithfooding @aneese_uae

Not able to decide between chicken, lamb or 🍤. Get ‘em all in one plate. Signature mix grill platter @biryanipotme. #dinewithfooding @the_browngirl_fihrist

🍽Confit duck with Crispy crushed potatoes and garlic broccolini with a beautiful maple mustard jus curated by Chef @isuruwithanage for tonight’s dinner special🥘

Yes! At times we try healthy stuff also 😀. Green veggie D-Tox blend 💚& Chicken avocado 🥗 @kavaandchai @alseefdubai. Have a Health Friday! #dinewithfooding @shidhu

Chicken Tikka Nana-Keesh, Tapas in #mumbai style 👌🏻. Good food, amazing presentation @bombaytomumbaicafe @marcopolo_hotel. #dinewithfooding @mohammedveecy #nofilter

We all love their ice-creams & now we are in love with their new concept outlet serving specialty coffee & good food. @londondairycafe @lamerdubai. #foodingrecommended. 📸Buratta #dinewithfooding @ayesharishan

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