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Celebrate Deepavali with our colourful pastries to light up your day

The first pumpkin pie slice I've had this season, and it was a dang delicious one! 😻 From @welovemcafe on Melrose. 🎃

Be the change

Les cuento que conocí este lugar la semana pasada y hasta cariño le tengo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Todo en su punto.Esta es La 70/30 hamburguesa de 8pnz, elaborada con una mezcla de filete Top round y flat meat,con tocineta,queso muenster,cebolla caramelizada,crocante de papas acompañado de crema de hongos @food.inc.rd #gustodecomer #foodinc #hamburgers

Сейчас ну просто мега популярна тема #здоровоепитание 🥑
Я начала интересоваться ей сравнительно недавно и толчком к этому стал проект #бешеннаясушка 🍗
Питаться правильно сегодня - это не только вопрос стройности, но и прежде всего, здоровья. Страшные вещи творятся в производстве продуктов питания нынче. Причём, ГМО и усилители вкуса - не самое безобидное. Говяжье мясо может содержать кишечную палочку, а весь так называемый скрытый сахар в продуктах готового потребления может стать причиной развитие диабета... Производители #фастфуд активно приучают нас желать все больше и больше вкуса солененького (бургеры), сладенького (газировка) и жирненького (картофель фри). Если при упоминании этих трёх гастрономических изделий у вас потекла слюнка - значит, фастфуд и его философия делают своё дело. Все эти продукты жутко калорийны, но никакой пищевой ценности они, к сожалению, не несут... Если вам не все равно, что идёт в ваше тело - посмотрите фильм #корпорацияеда #foodinc там рассказывают очень занятные вещи про корпорации, которые нас кормят ☝🏽

Terimakasih buat semuanya yang telah hadir dalam acara nonton bareng & diskusi film "Food, inc" oleh @sumatran_yfm dan @minumkopi_medan tadi malam

#haripangansedunia #foodinc #tolakGMO #TanpaPetaniKitaBukanApaApa

Super excited to announce that my household is going VEGAN ! My FIRST official meal 🌱😍 let me share something I feel strongly about 💡 before I did my research I thought all you " veggie only people " were super strange because meat tastes good and I love dairy etc so what's the big deal ? 🤔 IGNORANCE isn't a bad thing it simply means that we just don't understand something because we haven't been educated on the subject . I'm super guilty of this ! First thought when I seen a vegan post was " well what the heck do you eat than ? I want to gain muscle I need protein in meats ! They only do that because a few people treat animals bad " it's the exact opposite 😮 . What changed my view was watching both #WHATTHEHEALTH and #FOODINC on Netflix . We naturally TRUST our government and the companies who are supposed to take care of US 😞🌎 ! I've never been blind to certain things like medication ( I don't believe they work they just mask our pain they don't CURE all things ) . I also figured what ever the government tells us to eat must be healthy ! These documentaries are so packed with FACTS no opinions and I wish I would of l would of learned the truth long ago but better late than never & most importantly my children will know better 🤗💜 there's a few things that stood out to me and made me change my thinking • eating meat & dairy products are the leading cause of all major diseases and can be cured and prevented through diet ( heart attacks , diabetes , cancers etc ) but they make trillions from patients to leak the secret • were physically NOT MADE to consume meat ( could you go eat a cow raw and rip it apart .. no ) were meant to eat plants ( which are way higher in protein , fiber & nutrients ) just like the strongest animals in our world ... 🦍🦏 they survive off plants alone humans aren't built like carnivores . We don't even have the claws or teeth / digestive systems to go out and hunt it ourselves 👎🏼 we get our protein from a second hand source through the meat when THEY get it from PLANTS 🥒🌽🌱🌿🌾 switching #vegan we can get more directly ! cool right 😀! GO WATCH FOR YOURSELF #mexibowl #garlicpotatoes


I'm doing a Vegan challenge for 4 months- 120 days. Do it with me!! After rewatching FOOD Inc I was inspired. There are many reasons to go vegan a one of them is that our food is being poisoned by the big food conglomerates who mass produce livestock and the deregulation of those practices our government has allowed them to get away with it bc the people who are supposed to be maintaining the hygiene and humane conditions of slaughterhouses and factories are the same people who sit on the board of the money making big businesses that control food production and how we receive it in grocery stores. Also the treatment of the livestock and workers in factories is inhumane. It contributes to a majority of pollution and they are also genetically modifying our food. The best thing to do is support local small farmers. We ingest pesticides, preservatives and too many modifications of corn and soy like high fructose syrups which cause disease. My skin and hair have inflammation and I hope to get better. This will certainly be a big challenge and I hope I can do it. Here we go Day 2! #vegan #veganrecipes #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #gogreen #veganchallenge #foodinc

This sweet firecracker child of mine has poison ivy all over her face. Even on steroids, her poor little face is swollen. Any homeopathic ideas to help are welcome! Baking soda paste did NOT go well. Her skin is so sensitive. 😢 #mommyproblems #homeopathic

There is one single industry destroying the planet more than any other... but no one wants to talk about it.
#speciesism #foodporn #instagood #impact #sustainabledesigner #garyyourofsky #cowspiracy #earthlings #forksoverknives #vegucated #fat #sick #nearly #dead #foodinc #liveandletlive #peaceablekingdom #govegan

The first pumpkin pie slice I've had this season, and it was a dang delicious one! 😻 From @welovemcafe on Melrose. 🎃

Did you know that doctors are only required to have 4-6 hours of nutritional training in ALL their years of schooling? I didn't know this until I personally began to learn about nutrition and health. By those standards most of you who have even done research online have more knowledge about nutrition then your average doctor. Just because they are a doctor doesn't mean they know what's good for your health. Doctors only know how to diagnose and prescribe. They know nothing about true health and healing, which comes through proper nutrition. I was talking to someone about this yesterday and just wanted to post the information I know and have available. Hopefully it will help others learn as well. We are not #omnivore beings by nature.
If you are a #meatlover and this offends you, sorry but the #truth cannot be hidden.
These are all great documentaries that you can watch for free online to get started on your health education. Please do the research yourself.

Day 18 of #myfavoritemovies I present the whole #genre of films about #health and #food It seemingly started with the 2004 #morganspurlock #documentary #supersizeme and inspired others like #michaelpollan #foodinc and #vegucated #forksoverknives #fatsickandnearlydead #cowspiracy #whatthehealth #earthlings to name a few. I like to think that this new genre can serve to inspire, motivate and inform us eaters that we have choices about our bodies and our planet.

It’s finally Fall in RVA y’all! What’s your favorite thing to eat when it gets chilly?

It’s soup season! This deliciousness was vegan+gluten-free. All you need it veggies to make a great soup! Love keeping it simple. I served this one over a bed of kale instead of pasta or brown rice as per my usual. Yum!

Celebrate Deepavali with our colourful pastries to light up your day

Spaghetti for lunch! 🍝 Left side is my hubbys with ground beef & cheese. Mines on the right ^-^ just pasta, onion & tomato sauce 🍅

Snack! 🙌🏽💛 I looove it

Ara öğün vaktine yetişemedim ama geç kahvaltı yapanlar için ve gece geç saate kadar çalışan danışanlarım için en ideal ara öğün saatim 17.00 (öğle yemeği ve akşam yemeği arası) 🙏 Hazır yeşil elma doluyken pazarlar günde 1 defa yeşil elma ara öğünümüzü yapalım mutlaka 1 kutu sade activia yada 1 çay bardağı sütle birlikte🙈
Vee kontrole gelmeyen/unutan danışanlarımı en kısa zamanda bekliyorum 🙏
#healthy #healtyfood #foodinc #diyet #diyetisyen #onlinediyet #dietetian #sağlıklıbeslenme #araöğün #detoks #activia #apple #greenapple 🍏🍒🍇

Informing oneself of the facts helps you to make powerful decisions. As see @oliversrealfood
#education #veganeducation #veganed #forksoverknives #cowspiracy #foodmatters #foodchoices #hungryforchange #foodinc

Here's a late post on #WorldFoodDay - food justice is, like anything else, an issue of social inequality. The ubiquity of food makes it a tad bit hard to step back and view the food production system as it is - an industrial and globalized system that is deeply entrenched on capitalist schemes that puts premium on profit generation at the cost of oppression of vulnerable members of the society. We must recognize our consumption of food as a social action that affects labor rights, animal rights, environmental policies, national laws that are flexible on billion dollar companies at the expense of putting marginalized groups as easy targets of marketing strategies. This is the only way we can understand that making informed choices about our food consumption is a vote on a society that is pro-poor and pro-environment.

Dinner tonight for my hubby & I ❤️ His is the left with chicken. Mine is the right, veggies only over brown rice. 😋🍴

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