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Sunshine ☀️ Sea 🌊 Cheers 🍻 and good Neighbours 😁

Home made brioche burger with onion rings 🍔

How beautiful is this French toast, with black sesame custard, fresh strawberries, lemon curd and home made granola nut crumble. We will definitely be back 😋

I was SO excited to get onigiri in Perth, after falling in love with it in Japan. Sadly this onigiri was awful, it was served HOT which made no sense at all to me because in Japan it was always nice and cold. The onigiri itself was very fishy and the fact it was hot was so wrong that I ended up throwing it out. I left the cafe soon after as the smell of fish was really unpleasant. Also the wrapping was an imitation of the ones in Japan, but when you try opening it to the instructions, it doesn’t even work and my onigiri ended up half broken. I wouldn’t recommend this place 😓

Did you say Christmas? It's coming!!

...if it's past breakfast time, that is.

Bring the family!

We've got everyone's favourite. ☺

How to host a great meeting 101:
...bring food!

Cater your next meeting, event or function with Miss Maud - no one will be late!

Feels like spring is finally here!

Time to celebrate? We think so
Try our carrot cake. It's moist and liberally scattered with walnuts, spices and decorated with our famous cream cheese topping, walnut pieces and an array of marzipan decorations.

Our new favourite fruit tea from @honeycremeaustralia. 🍍 perfect for Summer

Where to meet your friends?

Miss Maud, of course!

Tag a friend who can't resist chocolate!

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