They say trying new things can make you more creative, taking risks is what helps us grow and challenging yourself can help you peak. Today I woke up with an idea and chance to step out of my comfort zone (private not business!☺️) and meet life with passion, adventure and fervour. Probably tomorrow I can tell you what I'm talking about and for now I wanna give you extra digital hugs, kisses and smileys from Ibiza! It's Friday girlssss💛💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

NEW BLOG POST!! After 5 vacay days I got excited again to write a new blog post🙊Read: sun, balcony, bikini, watermelon, Spotify sounds & laptop! Besides chilling during vacay time, I like to stay a little active as well and the past couple of days I've been totally up to making long walks. Especially morning walks at the beach and post-dinner walks through the city streets. In my DM's I've noticed you like that too and in order to make your walks even better, I've made a TOP 5 list with my favorite walking essentials for girls😍Link in bio!💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10 #birkensquad @birkenstocknederland

When I was younger and being overweight I used to have 6849344930 body insecurities. It took me a looooong and bumpy transformation to realize that building a positive body image started with changing how I feel emotionally about myself. While the image of perfection appears to be a way for us to feel good about ourselves, it is actually causing us to reject ourselves which creates feelings of "not being good enough." Such a shame...☹️So here's what I would like to say to all the beautiful women out there that are dealing with a negative body image and insecurities too: don't be mean to yourself, respect and appreciate all the wonderful things about you unconditionally and promise me to focus on these things everytime you look in the mirror🙏🏻💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

VACAY MINDSET UPDATE! In my previous post I told you that I was leaving for a real one week vacation for the first time in 4 years running Foodie-ness. Though I believe I'm pretty good in managing expectations, it seems to be harder than I expected to shift into a completely relaxed mindset on vacation🙊So here's the funny thing
1. I've prepared my business super well before I left - no worries about that, my team is the best!
2. I'm totally following my own vacation rules (see previous post), so far NO cheating. Well done!
3. But still there's no denying that making it to a stunning beach with sunny vibes and 10 swims a day guarantees me to successfully disconnect from both work and life to fully benefit from my time off😅
SO FAR! It's only day 2 and I believe it takes a conscious effort and more time to transition into vacation mode. Today we will travel from Alicante to Ibiza and I'm 100% sure and positive my mind will soon finally unwind. Can't wait! Wish you all a lovely Tuesday sweeties💛💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

ATTENTION: LONG PERSONAL UPDATE!! July 2014 is when the Foodie-ness idea was born at the beach of Ibiza and I did not expect to live life at the extremes ever since. First 2 years of running the Foodie-ness company (still can't believe this hobby idea of sharing my weight-loss journey turned into a company☺️🙏🏻) I combined this with a full time job as a Project Manager at Hewlett Packard and a 2 year traineeship on the side. For this job I had to travel to Gothenburg in Sweden too and in my free hours (think evenings, night-time and weekends) I tried to workout 4 times a week, do all the Foodie-ness work, be online 24/7, have a social life, enjoy family time and keep my house clean too. A real vacation hasn't been part of that. It's been 15 months now (!!!) since I have been "off" for one week and by "off" I mean working 4 hours at least every day on my "vacation". Releasing the book on January 1st forced me to work with Christmas and NYE too and trips of 2,3,4 days felt more stressful to manage than just staying at home. I turned 29 last April and that was the first moment in the past 4 years that I realized how my life has been an on-going ridiculous roller coaster. I would not have wanted it any other way (flatliners are not my style), but I really feel the urgency to give myself a break. A REAL VACATION! Tomorrow I will leave with my bestie and I've set myself a couple of vacation rules😉
1. No checking work e-mails whatsoever. 
2. Allow myself to sleep without time constraints; nap anytime, early to bed, late to rise, no alarm clock, etc.
3. Remain present in whatever it is I am doing.
4. Not bringing my vlog camera.
5. 100% Out of Office for clients & my team (sorry, this sounds so rude🙁)
6. Only post on Instagram when I WANT to and not because I NEED to.
I hope you will forgive me on the upcoming lack of posts and still like me🙈Feels good to share this with you and extra tips and tricks to take a real vacation are super welcome! Wish you a lovely Saturday and I want to thank you again for making the past 4 years possible and so incredible. It's all because of you💛💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

NEW RECIPE!😃If you know me a little you would know that drinking alcohol is NOT my thing. So why come up with a strawberry Gin Tonic recipe I hear you thinking? Well, GT season is in full swing and the Foodie-ness team believes this is such a winner (they created + tested this recipe!😍) that it even gets me excited to share it with you. Only 145 kcal per serving with an extra coconut twist on top. Link in bio for recipe and give me your “thumbs up” if you're a GT fan💛#foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

ATTENTION: NO MAKE-UP VIDEO! And I couldn't care less😉My 10 days #biothermnomakeup challenge is a wrap and I never thought it would change me so much that I would share this no make-up video. In 10 days I only used make-up 3 times for a work related project and just for a couple of hours. The rest of the time it's just been me and my "I woke up like this" face😝The @biotherm #aquasource made me do this and I've received a lot of questions from you girls about this product. So here are the +'s: lightweight and easily absorbed onto the skin, gentle kind of texture, fresh feeling and I've seen a positive effect on the calmness of my skin. -'s: the smell is specific (but that's personal!). It has been super fun to do this challenge together with you and I wanna highlight again that I'm super proud of us girls that we have stepped out of our comfort zones BIG TIME and embraced our inner beauty💛🙌🏻You have been a true inspiration and now let's #glowon! #foodie_ness

FINAL CALL for you and your best bestie to WIN WIN WIN a free vacay to @thearkcruise 30 Aug - 3 Sept with me and @besohappy__!😍Do you want to join us on this Mediterranean sun-sea-swim-food-and party cruise with stops at Barcelona, Sète, Mallorca and Ibiza? Here's is how you can win 2 tickets to tropical cruising paradise:
1. Buy 1 #besohappy product (chocolate bandit is my fave🤤)
2. Use code "CAROLINA-TheArk" for an extra 20% discount
3. Wait for it! (only 51 more days.. 🙈)
Oi, oi, let your dreams set sail... 💛#foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

NEW BLOG POST!! Is your Summer already packed with plans for lots of fun, food and relaxation? But do you worry a little on how all this goodness will affect your physique?🙊Hit the link in bio for my current fave Summer workouts to shape up, slim down and get you through Summer season full on happiness and badass grlpwr confidence! Hope you'll enjoy this Monday motivation material💛☺️ #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

The sun is out and so is my @yoghurtbarn Foodie-ness Super Special for only ONE MORE WEEK😍😍A gentle reminder to text your bestie, head over to the nearest Barn and enjoy my fave ultimate guilty pleasure treat while it's still available. Bastogne, froyo, banana, peanut butter syrup, brownie, cinnamon sprinkles, whip cream and an extra special surprise; it's all waiting for you sweeties! Enjoy your sunny Sunday to the fullest💛With love, C. #foodie_ness #yoghurtbarn #foodienesssuperspecial

NEW BLOG POST!😃Summer is in full swing and so I wrote a new blog post about how to enhance and prolong that glowing and sun-kissed look? Today I’m sharing my 7 tips on how to get that bronzing tan in a safe way, fast way and healthy way. Without damaging your skin!! Pretty sure #7 might be new to the most of you😉 Link in bio💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

IBIZA VLOG TIME!!!😍Our Foodie-ness team vacay vlog to Ibiza is now up on my Foodie-ness YouTube channel and I'm soooo-hooo excited for this one. It's the most hectic vlog so far (because hey, 5 lunatics strolling through Ibiza with a vlog camera😝) and absolutely the most hilarious one. It gives me these "funniest home videos x ridiculousness" feelings and I hope you will love it just as much😁Hit the YouTube link in bio and please let me know if you like this vlog!💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

This is my NO MAKE-UP FACE and a heads up on my 8 days #biothermnomakeup challenge so far😌After 8 days I believe that, for me, the fear behind no make-up is mostly a mental barrier. It's a struggle that's based on my irrational fears. The reason I thought it would be so scary is because I've built up an expectation of what I should look like for the people around me (or at least, that's what I think). But guess what, no one got scared from my real face the past 8 days. And let's be honest; NO ONE looks "ugly" or "sick" without make-up. Most valuable to me so far is that I'm starting to embrace the real me more! Looking in the mirror and seeing a no make-up face day after day, makes you focus more on the inner beauty. And I've said it before: inner beauty needs no make-up‼️Another practical big plus is that my no make-up face cuts down the time it takes to get ready. I've never been on time for so many appointments in a row😅Thank you to all the girls that are joining me on this challenge! 2 more days, together we can do this👭💛 @biotherm #foodie_ness #glowon #aquasource

Time flies when.. you're personal coaching 24/7!☺️It's the first of July and that means we're already one month live with the Foodie-ness GELUKSFACTOR10 Personal Coaching programs. I feel super honored that already so many girls have put their trust in me and my #geluksfactor10 method to realize your health & happiness goals - together! The first girls almost have completed their first 4 weeks and the results are just as amazing (!!!) as the results from my book😱I'm extremely proud!! Soon I will share the first reviews, to motivate you to realize your goals with my help too👭There's only one spot available in my PREMIUM program and BASIC is unlimited. Wanna read more about what I have to offer? Hit the link in bio and know that it's 100% customized + do-able for all women! Now let's enjoy another super-sunny-Sunday evening💛 #foodie_ness #geluksfactor10

CAROLINA IS EXCITED😍Today is the Foodie-ness MEET & EAT to celebrate the launch of my very own @yoghurtbarn Foodie-ness Super Special with 10 winners @ YB Utrecht CS!! It might sound silly, but I’m always afraid that not ONE person will reply to such meet & greet activities (because why would you like to meet me as much as I want to meet you?🙈), so I was totally overwhelmed that more than 250x2 girls replied!!!😱Thank you🙏🏻It’s the perfect sunny weather to enjoy the Foodie-ness Super Special with froyo, bastogne, brownie, PB syrup, cinnamon sprinkles and whip cream to choice. I’ll share as much as I can via IG stories and I wish you al a happy Saturday💛#foodie_ness #foodienesssuperspecial #yoghurtbarn

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