Update: I started this blog to show people that cooking your own meals shouldn’t be that scary and to also hold myself accountable for my body/food goals. So I feel the need to share an update. The past year and half or so I stopped using MyFitnessPal to track my food (b/c I got busier & wasn’t on a schedule like I was when I was working, I still love the app) and just started to focus on how I felt. The # on the scale didn’t change, but my strength and stamina did from doing work out classes (bootcamp, barre, & spin mainly). Since I’ll be traveling the rest of this summer, my focus still isn’t to count calories, but to maintain/lose weight while enjoying food abroad. I’ll be sharing tips and of course showing what I eat to meet this goal. If you have any tips/photos you want to share DM me or use the hashtag below and I’ll share them too! #balancedtravel

🍳 Perfect soft boiled eggs are sooooo easy! Gently place raw, cold eggs from the fridge into a pot of boiling water. Cook for 6-7 minutes on high heat uncovered. Put eggs into an ice bath (bowl of ice and water). Peel, and voila! Check out my egg video where I make and bust out FIFTY eggs, link in bio 🎥

@barbuzzo date with @kristian_515 and @gtmoto 🍝🍕🧀

Dinner with a view ☀️

😋 #edgeeats @kkokkoph Half chicken cheese fondue: melted cheese in a bread bowl, flavored fries and boneless chicken chunks dipped in Yang Nyum sauce(sweet chilli, oh my garlic, classic soy or sili chilli), supposed to also come with onion rings but they were out of stock so they added more fries and chunks. Half P658, Whole P988.
.1pc chicken with rice (snow P108, yang nyum sauce P108 or original P98) .
.Raspberry iced tea P138.
.📍Kko Kko - GF (outside of the mall) UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave.

🚨 EGG PORN ALERT 🚨 June 3rd is National Egg Day. I wanted to share with you this collaboration project with @niko_storment . We teamed up to make 50 SHADES OF EGGS. 50 egg sandwiches. Made by me. All on 1 kitchen table. If you love eggs, you’ll love this. If you don’t, you will now. Click the link in my bio for the full HQ **uncensored** version of the video! Tag a friend that loves EGGS 🍳

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