A fond farewell 👋🏼 to Japan with the Kamakura Marine Sports Fair @dinomorrow #kamakura #fondmemories #heartofthewaa

The farm is home to more than cattle. The frogs have been busy and the ponds are full of tadpoles. Remember many hours catching tadpoles and watching them grow, then releasing them as a kid. #cirponds #fondmemories #childhoodmemories #tadpoles #frogs #farmlife #nature #amphibians #wildlife #tasmania #tasmanianfrogs #northerntasmania

Can’t tell when last we laughed this hard!
#family #goodvibes #lifeisbeautiful #daughterlove #fondmemories #cherisheverymoment

It's easy to love those who we only have #fondmemories of. Memories are created/ made.

We have the power to remember the better qualities of someone or to hold on to negatives.

If #wechoose to hold on to negatives it eats us up and no one benefits.

Negative memories will cause hatred, anger, resentment and separation. What would you do if someone you are holding on to negative memories of dies?

The negative memories should be replaced by #positivethinking, acceptance of our humanity and new memories be allowed to flourish.

Don't wait and then try to scatter roses when people we are supposed to love passes on.


Had a whole lot of fun spending the #firstdayoffall with these two in the woods. Lots of great memories made outside
Taken at Peoples Forest

I have no idea if these are sea oats, but that’s what they looked like to me, waving in the breeze at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. They certainly reminded me of the sea oats my friend Donna brought me when we were in middle school. She snagged them from the dunes near her family’s beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
I remember at the time thinking she’d brought me the greatest treasure. I kept them in my room at least until I went to college. Now whenever I’m wandering the dunes of Plum Island I think of Donna. .
What triggers memories of your childhood friends? .
#annecorcoranphotography #parkerrivernationalwildliferefuge
#plumisland #mynewengland #findingthebeauty #brilliantmoments #momentsofmine #flashesofdelight #nothingisordinary #livethelittlethings #visualcrush #thingsilove #fondmemories

Something different... a fond memory from France ... oil on board.

The Truman Show was released 20 years ago this year. I will admit there was a brief time that 12 year old me was questioning the nature of my own reality after seeing this in theaters 😂 #fondmemories #trumanshow #jimcarrey

Sometimes we think about our past, and memories can come up for us. Pleasant, or fond memories can conjure up thoughts and feelings, and it can feel good to connect them to present time. That’s when our past can be looked at with present moment awareness, instead of using our past to lament, resent, or begrudge what happened, and try to redo it in our mind. Using our memories to remind us of thoughts and feelings we used to have, can ignite those same thoughts and feelings in the present, which can be helpful; like remembering to be more happy or playful like we were when we were children. What are some of your memories that evoke positive thoughts and feelings for you? @oranadrich

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