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#trekking is one of the best ways to see the beautiful mountains and landscapes of Ladakh!
Many people cover long distances by car for sightseeing in Ladakh, and while that's one way to see things, you miss out on all of the beauty you can't see from the road. Treks range from one day to 7 and vary in difficulty! Being a newbie I did a 3 day "baby trek" in the sham valley. Definitely not something for babies 😉 but it was doable and I got to see some stunning landscapes - no sightseers or cars in sight!
You can read more about it on soultravelblog.com of course 😉
Have you tried trekking in Ladakh?

My oasis. A palm tree jungle. Summer ain't over! #plantdistrict #palmtrees #followthelight #nyc @jjignotzphotography

Uno scatto magico targato @antoniocarbonefotografia ... 💜💜💜

Have a bite of this delicious Turkey & Cheese Sandwich! It's light and delicious!

@nonstopcravings we just love this shot!

#DIVVY #followthelight

The dark wasn't there. there is only a lack of light.. #followthelight

Follow the light✨🌻#ontheroad

This is what inspires me to get out and shoot. Any takers?


HISTORY BEHIND THE BRAND cont... #Repost @themakeuplight (@get_repost)
The first business created by Michael, Cases for Visual Arts (CVA), answered the need for correct lighting sources for makeup artists in the film and television industries 🎭 🎬 CVA quickly became the industry standard around the world to provide makeup lighting for Film, Tv, Fashion and beyond. CVA also established that you needed daylight and tungsten color lamps since you did not know what light your makeup would be filmed in. 🎥🎞Later on, digital cameras and LED technology allowed Michael to create a true white light (all you need now) for @TheMakeupLight💡👌Then, Michael and Vivian added an additional product to provide artists with other colors (should they need them). We will tell you all about it in our next TML Education and History post! 📽💡🎨 #CVA #CasesForVisualArts #TML #History #OriginStory #Lighting #Education #TMLDesigners #LedLights #LightingDesigners #LightingForPros #LightingForProsByPros #MakeupArtist #ProMua #ProMakeupArtist #Film #TV #Fashion #Commercial #IndustryStandard #FollowTheLight #TheMakeupLight

Getting ready


✨✨✨....a lil' reminder just in case you get lost.

Afternoon walks in the park❤️ I've made the ultimate mom error by giving this little poppet too much carrot🙈 she looks jaundiced and it's become quite noticeable!!! I'm also stumped with food options now because I need to cut out carrots and butternut. Any mom's willing to share their combos for puréed food?

"though my soul may set in darkness, it will raise in perfect light;
i have loved the stars ✨ too fondly to be fearful of the night..."

Super dark, grainy and moody. 📷 All signs point to the start of a beautiful fall. #pnwonderland #pnwisthebest #puddleparty

wraps r lyfe 📷: @thelitlatina_

You have to look for the joy.
Look for the light of God that is hitting your life, and you will find sparkles you didn't know were there.
-Barbara Johnson

#LeaveALittleSparkleWhereverYouGo #PlumIsland #Newbury #LastDaysOfSummer

This is what inspires me to get out and shoot. Any takers?

THIS right here is the stuff my DREAMS are made of!!!! A great big thank you to this gorgeous lady, Summer, for making my dreams come true!💛 #freetobe #kimberlykphotography

Algumas pessoas nunca vão entender o que é passar pela dor do medo da não aceitação... Algumas pessoas jamais entenderam o que é viver na imensidão de um vazio e muitas vezes no escuro acreditando que um dia uma Luz te libertara para viver sem preocupações ....apenas aceitando quem você realmente é...pessoas que sofrem caladas... Choram por querer entender que nascemos do jeito que deus quis com proposito de aprendermos a armar independente de como você é... Se aceitando... Respeitando... Se amar é errado então o que é amar?...por que tantos morrem por querer amar? Por que ninguém pode ser feliz sendo o que ela quiser?... Te julgam te chamando de doente ...e na verdade a maior doença vive dentro dos corações na escuridão em meio ao ódio e a covardia... E a única coisa que cura toda essa doença chamada intolerância é o amor... Viva sem medo de ser quem você é... Sinta a luz que a dentro de você ...e se mesmo assim sentir inseguro e com medo... Lembre-se que o maior ensinamento que podemos levar para as pessoas que jamais entenderão o que sentimos é amar todos ... Respeitando e sem distinções. 👫❤👬💙👭💜👉🌈 #Followtherainbow
#Amor #Maisamor #Viva #Followthelight #Gay #Me #Boy #

Ground Control to Major Tom.

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