little hesitant posting this but first post is a transformation :/ I’m so proud of where I’ve come thooo go mee!!! 2nd pic was me last year in june I think. I was overweight and unhappy, but ya girl decided to make a changeeee and lost 20 pounds without exercisinggg but now I’m rlly trying to make this a lifestyle by incorporating weightlifting and a healthy whole foods diet :)))

Procura siempre que el niño que fuiste no se avergüenze nunca del adulto que eres... ¡ #FelizDíadelNiño ! 🎈🎉
#labelladurmiente #buzzlightyear #fridakahlo

I see Wonderland in your eyes👀🌎🌌🌈 .
#onekiss #instagirl

Siempre va a existir alguien que te ame como eres, con tus caprichos, tu humor y tu forma de ver el mundo♥

Life is a collection of moments...💅❄🎑 #prettynails

¡La mejor del mundo! 🌹❤💕👭
#MothersDay #memories #TBT

Adore you...💞🎶💎
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Good morning Aadeez 😎

New Monday, New Week, New Goals 🙌🏼

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