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who is that?? 😮❤️

Then or now?

Bu saçı yapmanı yıllardır bekliyorum aq

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some things stay the same😍😍


OMG nothing is changed ❣


Mom 😭❤

Guys, I'm really tired today. The world is such a shitty place. And what makes the world shit is people. The world is a beautiful place, but people pollute the world.People do not change. Even if it changes, it can not change that much. People continue to live, to nature, to harm themselves. The life of each being is valuable. All person are beautiful. There is no such thing as ugly. God made it all equal. woman = male. Today, animals are being slaughtered. And nobody cares about it. Animals do not have willpower. What do you mean selling dogs, cats, etc. food for a fee? Animals do not work like people. It is not difficult to put water and food in the front of the house for animals. Please do this.Do not hurt animals. They need more love than their food. ||Hilal

Demi, Amerikan Müzik Ödülleri'nde performans sergiledi.💪/Los Angeles, 19 Kasım.


This smile killing me💅


Demi, Amerikan Müzik Ödülleri'ne katıldı.✨ /Los Angeles, 19 Kasım.

+sonsuz be moruk -@deenixz

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