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Best brow tutorial I've ever seen (@makeupbynicole__2).

follow (me) @hoelism for more amazing posts! ✨

Vocês são festeiros?

Do you wear glasses?

I really love you guys♥️ I remember when I got hacked at 6k and I was so sad and I thought I would never reach 6k again.. And now I have 136.000 followers who followed me and always dm me nice messages♥️ I'm so happy to have you guys and all my internet friends!! I really love you guys and I'm so happy that I met you here on ig!!♥️♥️ - lu

I hope you find $20 dollars today, I hope the person you adore texts you and I hope the situation you worry about favors you in the end

Comente o horário que viu essa foto :)


Non si dorme! 🌝

Nudes 👌 @fashion_fire

Eu te amo ❤ @claudiabaronesa

All the rich niggas want her😍🤘🏽

Qual a cor que vocês sempre acabam usando?

SIGAM: @brooklyn.bigs 🌻

Amo você meu amor ❤ @claudiabaronesa

omg this is so pretty!! make-up or nah?

sunsets & sunrises are one of my fav things ever-e

awh this is so cute!

3/3 feed change

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