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Everyday when i post, I get comments like 'Deep', 'Preach' and so on.
I get feedback from people on my daily emails and articles, 'that's for me', 'how did you know I needed it' and so on. .
Simple answer - I don't know anything. The Holy Spirit knows everything! I just tap into Him and the outflow is what you see everyday.
You should flow in Him daily, you'll never be confused again!!😂😂😉

When you least expect it , it hits you the hardest and that's exactly what happened. ✝️ #steubielonestar #followerofchrist #5thtime

@instapray - Tag your friends who own a Bible! - #TruthTelevision

Thank you so much JIL Calamba & Happy Victorious 30th Anniversary 🙏 Special thanks to my friend Mayor @timmychipeco Governor @govramilhernandez & all government officials for the all out support. Mabuhay ang Dakilang Lalawigan ng Laguna! God bless you all! #united #followerofChrist #Vpositive

Now I am buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so I ALSO should walk in newness of life (Romans 6:4). #Salvation #Baptism #resurrection #FollowerOfChrist

Yesterday Zeyda and I were baptized!! It was epic and magical to be able to share our LOVE and PASSION for our Savior Jesus with friends and family. It was even more special that @batesoutdoors could baptize us💕 I am so proud of Zeyda for doing the work and choosing this all on her own when "She" felt ready. I can not imagine living this life without knowing how Jesus truly loves each of us. I will walk all my remaining days with him 🙏🏻 #iwalkwithjesus #baptism #christian #followerofchrist #jesuswantsfriendsnotslaves phot cred @barb__wire

Study this book of instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.
Joshua 1:8
#IAmSecond #FollowerOfChrist #LovingLife
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Lord I want to thank you for giving me strength throughout this process! I also want truly thank the @court_kingz organization for this opportunity thank y'all so much! I am so humbled and truly blessed! 🏀🙏✝️ We made it!
#followerofchrist #jesus #ballislife #basketball


Fail to prepare = prepare to fail

Oh my goodness today was my worst day at being prepared!!! I want to hide and not tell you all this because let's be real who likes to fail??? Today, I did NOT stick to my nutrition plan at all!! I ended up having to take my little guy to a last minute doctors appointment, go grocery shopping, and go to the pharmacy!! By the time I got done grocery shopping it was WAY past my kiddos lunchtime and he was NOT happy about it!!! 🙈 talk about feeling like a horrible mom!!!! So what did I do??? Stopped at McDonald's!! And I ate some too....I haven't had McDonald's in MONTHS!!!!! So I've definitely been going through the feeling guilty stage, but that's not going to get me anywhere. So, all I can do is move on.

Tomorrow's a new day right??? 😉

So I'm admiring mangos feather. Luke who was mad at me since I kept stopping him from biting my rug. That little stinker decides to bite me. Didn't break skin but he's in trouble! 😡. He will be in time out in his cage with no love from mama 😑 #badparrot #timeout #africangrey #conure #beautifulfeather #madmama #countryliving #citygirl #zoo #followerofchrist #organicgardener #makeupjunkie #korean #brat #stubborn

@hillsongunited - ⚠️⚠️ ANNOUNCEMENT ⚠️ ⚠️
we're coming to the good old U S of A in July - August, and we want you to tell us why we should come to you!!
basically make us a 1min video on what's happening in your town, school, church.. or if it's your birthday, or even getting married?!?! we are down to hang and come play.. don't forget to tag it with #wonderinthewild - #TruthTelevision

@instapray - Tag your friends who own a Bible! - #TruthTelevision

Dew in the Morning. Moms was getting her praise on!!! The song says, Like the dew in the morning gently rest upon my heart. Just like the dew that rest on the grass, that's how I want Jesus to rest on my heart. If you ever noticed the sparkle the grass has when dew is on it. It catches your eye and makes you curious. It's beauty you cannot deny. It makes you think where does such beauty comes from. As Christians, when we allow Jesus to rest upon and in our hearts he creates a sparkle. A sparkle so profound that it causes someone to see the light beyond the natural. They see you, but they also see a beauty and a love that calls to them and makes them wonder what is it about you and how can I get it. Just like the dew on the grass, our hearts should be so profound with the love of Christ, that it compels all those who come in contact with us to search out the light shining within us. They won't be able to deny its beauty and eventually they will ask The question. Brothers and sisters let the love of Christ reign in your heart stronger than ever. #loveofchrist#letyourlightshine #christiswatching#christislove#followerofchrist#lordincreaseinme#drummerforChrist

Psalm 24:7
Book of the day: Amos ----------------------------------------------------------------------Salmos 24:7
Libro del día: Amós

#verseoftheday #ICJ #ichoosejesus #ICJMOVEMENT #JesusChrist #Followerofchrist #ilovejesus #seekhim #findhim #knowhim

Worship is not a performance, it's an acknowledgment of the greatness and holiness of God. It's not something you should need told to do, it's something you should want to do.

Pastor Andrew preaching powerfully last night. "TIME TO GO DEEPER" Ezekiel 47:1-5. We need to quit holding back. Be willing to step out of our comfort zone. Stop serving God in a way that is convenient for us. It's not about us, it's about him. If it is about you, then who really is your god? No matter how deep you are in your walk there is always deeper to go.

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