Honey you can be sweet and brave and tough and gentle. All at the same time. You don't ever have to pick to be just one thing. - Sonora Mindling Werling


• "Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.”•

Throwback to flying above the glaciers of Alaska even though I’m here at @mountainfilm in Telluride this week. I’ve already seen so many inspiring documentaries, met some amazing people, and learned a few things.
Some thoughts/inspiration: if you are ever scared or afraid, look for the people who are trying to help—there will always be someone. (See the film: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?)
Our species has already destroyed 70% of the planet’s wild places. Everything is intertwined, even though us humans sometimes forget it in the name of progress. Connection and diversity are the two things that make our natural world, and if we can get back to that, we will be ok.(See: Into the Okavango)
Scientists analyzed bones from ancient Roman gladiators and discovered that those top athletes had a plant based diet. Crazy to think that all we’ve been told about protein and nutrition might be biased and not so accurate. Turns out a plant based diet can provide more than enough protein and energy, and is a whole lot healthier. (See: The Game Changers) #mfilm18

These are the best rewards after a strenuous hike. To sit on a beautiful mountain lake or to reach the summit (or drinking a cold Radler and eat delicious food on the alp). The last few days we've hiked almost 3800 vertical meters and 55km, had terrific weather and a perfect time with @marei.ann. Now we say goodbye Allgäu, hello home.

What is your best reward after a hike?
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