Accept every defeat that happens in your life. We cannot win every single battle; we have to lose for us to grow. Losing doesn’t mean we are weak; it means we have something to learn more about. It gives us the opportunity to reassess ourselves and to give space for our improvement. Remember, there’s learning in every lost battle. It’s okay to fail, but you have to fail forward.. :)

Went adventuring yesterday.

my only sunshine //

Golden Hour

Aku bukannya pemalu,aku hanya sedang menahan pesonaku.

Sunrise from above. Just a snap of the track I took through Tegallalang.

One of my favorite things about yesterday’s hike was the smell of wild lilac in the air. 💜

Multilayered + multicoloured
I think all the special times + people in this life are both 💓

Tidak ada kata-kata lain untukmu selain "rindu"

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