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“Genre is a stereotype...” @swarathma.
Double tap to show some love.
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Spent some time in the dunes last week 🌊 Now back on the road to @abbrewery tomorrow in western MA for a show! ☀️

#nausetbeach #capecod #sanddunes #folkrock #folkrockband

I went to see a #folkrockband , #Terracelta, and it was amazing 😍😍😍 ( best band photos ever hahahah)
I danced all night and now I can't feel my feet hahaha ( I have some videos at my snapchat)
@amarilisschinca and I won necklaces for being the best dancers.
I am really really happy!!
Good night people 😘😘😘

This summer we had the unexpected pleasure to play at the Lughnasad festival in Nasavrky. We hope to repeat the experience next summer with bit more planning and stay for a night or two 😉

Gig tomorrow nite gonna blow your mind ... #pitchperfect #girlcansing #folkrockband #singingforyou #dancewithme

Stay tuned for our musically energetic episode😇🎵
#zeeyuva #sargam #sargamtitlesong #kotharevision @adinathkothare @urmilakothare #nandeshumap #folkrockband 🎤❤

The debut five-track album from folk-rock duo, #bearcubs , 'Unbearably Insufferable', drops in Q3, 2017! Pre-sales are up and running post-May Day blues.
"Keeps you up all night..." - @ivyleews "Emotionally exhausting!" - @e_imsk A Production of #bearclan Studios. #folkrock #folkrockmusic #folkrockband


This summer we had the unexpected pleasure to play at the Lughnasad festival in Nasavrky. We hope to repeat the experience next summer with bit more planning and stay for a night or two 😉

So we are back rehearsing and working on our show for the #irishnight in #altusried ...or at least some of us are working 😂 ・・・
#Repost @jonas_von_kuhlo

Congratulations to our Frontman AJ ...who's celebrating his birthday today 😎🎉🍻🥃🎶🇮🇪

Cause I just wanna hold you tight, without holding back my mind...

In the troubled times we bring you the echoes of the past and a whisper of hope from the future. We are the storytellers and musicians. We try to put a melody the feelings we all feel inside but just can't find the words to express.

Montags-Gruß von unserem #accordeonist und #keyborder Albin - hier #liveonstage im Jahre #2013. Kommt gut durch die Woche!! 😎🎶🇮🇪👍

Another behind the scenes tour moment. Des keeping contact with the home troops. This was in the wonderful backstage area at the #prazdninyvtelci festival. It is literally high up on the castle walls and only about 30mins before our show.

So we fixed it ...our Single #black47 is going to be released digitally on the 21st of October 😎🎶🇮🇪 ...we will add information on the platforms, pre-order and maybe a special #event the coming days. So make sure to #follow and stay up to date!!!

In the heat of the mid summer's night we do our best to make time stand still. We are not magicians, but with the help of the crowd what we do can turn into magic. Without the audience, without you guys we are nothing. So when Sliotar get to play shows, just for that small window of time we want to take your troubles away. We want you to feel the music like we do. And maybe, just maybe for a fraction of a second make the time stand still 😊🎶 You guys rock 🤘

Ray lighting up an Italian summer night at the Bundan Celtic festival back in 2014

#throwback to Folk im Allgäu Festival 2013. We always loved being there for the cool location, the great music and the awesome people there. 😎🎶🇮🇪

Happy #announcement Wednesday every one ...maybe some of you heard us on the Sampler below. Now we are going to #release this track as a #single in October. More details to come...so follow, like and comment to stay up to date!!! 👇👇👇👍

Guten Morgen! Kurzer Repost am Dienstag, heute ein Bild von #2016 aus Kichheim. Das war ein gelungener Abend und wir freuen uns schon am 30.09. mit euch in #altusried zu #festen 😎🍻 ...bis dahin: lass euch nicht unterkriegen! 💪

#Repost @jonas_von_kuhlo
Bühne für heute Abend steht...ab 19.30 Gibt's #qmmd #live vorm Gasthaus #zumFass in #kirchheim bei der #musiknachtkirchheim #musiknacht #irishnight

And today something little bit different 😉 We are lucky enough to get to visit and bring our Celtic music to some amazing places with Sliotar. From time to time we'll try to share some of these magical places here as well. This is the beautiful town of Telc. A place you should try to visit at least once in your life 😊

Des soundchecking in Kurim before the Sliotar show at the Celtic party back in July.

Looks like @jpkallio is up to no good 😉 As we might or might not have mentioned few times already, we have big plans and we really would love you guys to be part of this humble Celtic bands journey. Sign up to Sliotar's newsletter today.

Soundchecking in Telc back in July. Happy Friday everyone!

Finally it's #friday and hopefully all done working ...so go get yourself a good pint and have a great weekend 🍻🎶😎
@shinysarah28 (@get_repost)
#cheers #Guinness #Dublin #Ireland #pint

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