I'm definitely in my zone 🔥

VII Calourada Preta
FT: @fpaniago


@giovannadonola 🍒2017.

take down some summer time . . 🌾| Currently booking spots all June and July, let’s shoot! 📸💛

st. clarity

take me back to orange summers with the windows down, driving through oil country and listening musicians croon over the radio about their lovers. I'm so ready to move back south that its all i can think about. The grass may be dryer but theres something about the parched panhandles, piney woods and fecal infested beach water of Texas that is just my game.💩🔥

Foi incrível 💜📷👽

you cant escape my affection, wrap you up in my daisy chains

@motifmag food truck awards this evening with mc @discountchuck . Cannot decide between @friskiefries and @citizenwings , I may have to splurge for both! #motiffoodtruckawards #providence #pvd #rifoodtrucks #rilove @skylineatwaterplace @gansettbeer

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