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I wonder if Instagram will take this down or not 😂🖕🏽✨🙌

K E I S H A see you in 27 days 🐧 @keishaday

De un día nublado y lluvioso, yo lo convierto en un día soleado y montañoso 🌄 #paisajesdeasturias

❄️☃️🏚 #xplortugal

It's a marathon not a sprint, but I still gotta win the race.

"Like a blunt or something" 👮🏻


Sunday afternoons clouds before the lightning, rain and hail started 👌😍❤

Signs of life

Stay gold, Ponyboy #whpfindthelight

”For the desired effect
Would you come back August or June, June
And I hate that tomorrow's December
But this collision, came mid bloom

Better built to resume
I'll see you August, see you June
I'm building higher than I can see
I want fantasy

Don't rest with the less
I'm burning to impress
It's deep in the middle of me
I can be fantasy” - @thexx

”Touch me and then turn away
Put your hands into the flame
Tell me if you feel this pain
'cause I don't want to be your ball and chain” - @active_child

My list of salt puns was as exhausted as I am by noon today. I'm out of caption ideas. This morning was surreal. I'm glad @kyleelogan is around.


Last night they had to carry me home

World spins madly on (10 more weeks until I’ll become an aunt ❤️)

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