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Don’t forget that I am extending my foilayage special! $35 off a partial and $50 off of the full! Dm or text 512-200-7479

I’m really into this whole rich fall color palette lately 🍁

I can’t get enough😍🤤😍 I’ve been working with Kelli about a year to get where we are today! She was a dark golden brown when we started! If we had tried going mega blonde in one shot, her hair would have been brassy, damaged and nearly impossible to style! I love the outcome!!
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Snow 🐰 Bunny Blonde ❄️ •

Wish I had an after for this one! Full babylight & #foilayage to break through 3-4 in of new growth with @oligopro and @olaplex ✨I did not pull through her already lightened ends to avoid further damage as she had some previous breakage around her face. Heavy focus on that money 💰 piece. Root smudge & iced out gloss with @lanzahaircare for this new client who found me here on IG! I sent her home with @Olaplex 3-5 to ensure the integrity of her hair and to rebuild broken bonds in the areas of concern! 💪🏼 Styled to perfection with @paishau 💜 •

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Lighting is everything! I take 20-30 photos per client from multiple angles and directions. You can see here when I took one small step to the right and let go of her hair it made ALL the difference. Take the time to move around and adjust your clients to get that perfect shot. ❤️ I use my iPhone 8 Plus in indirect lighting outside the salon. I also have this background I purchased from Amazon, it has a white side and a black side, perfect for that clean background 👏🏻
@trussprofessional and @brazilianbondbuilder

Vanilla creme pie 🥧. Added some soft warm/beige lowlights. Then alternating teasy lights and babylights. I did two highlights to one lowlight. I did the teasy/babylight combo to give her a soft transition on her root. She’s not a candidate for a root stretch because she likes her blonde at the roots. This helps disguise her regrowth, gives a soft grow out, and help blend her greys. Glazed her at the bowl and of course did my post treatment.

Blonde #foilayage on Stephanie using #silklift ⚡shoulder length textured #lob to tie it all together. Thank you for always trusting me ✂️

Saturday, December 15th is currently booked 💗💗 so blessed and thankful to all of my loyal and new clients for supporting me! Love you all ! Xoxo Mylanie

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