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Me and my dude! #foe #BigE #fatherandson

You can't sit with us #foe

Why I do what I do! #wce #FOE #WOOTforever

Bloodline #Foe

Sunday Funday
#FOE ! 👫

Nobody really likes us except for us #FOE

MikeyGus was still only a young sidekick-in-training, but he had already learned some valuable lessons. He knew it was very important to get along with all kinds (even if it was a feline-of-evilness). So, as they maintained surveillance on the living room, the s.i.t. appreciated his f.o.e.'s cat scan, knowing they would find any and all bugs infiltrating their space.
#mikeygus #dwarfism #germanshepherd #toulouse #kitty #sidekickintraining #sit #felineofevilness #foe #catscan #findthebugs
PAWtners tagged!

Still mixing business with pleasure... #BucketList #KeepItGoing (S/o to @kclarkjr_ #FOE)


I cant even remember the last time we had a pic taken with us together. My beautiful mummy and handsome brother. #foe

Good Morning!!! My spirit is a little anxious but I know God is in control. If you can drop a little prayer I’d appreciate it. #mondayblessings #thankful #blessed #FOE #praying

Yasss 🙌🙌🙌🙌 So on point 👌 This has probably been one of my biggest lessons of my 20s. I used to spend so much time trying to keep up with friendships or going out of my way for others. But news flash: If the friendship feels one sided then it’s not worth it! Why is it SO easy to tell others to walk away from a bad dating relationship when it’s one sided or the person is a crappy boyfriend / girlfriend but so hard to do the same when a friendship is that way? I’m not sure 🤔I🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ But I refuse to live like that anymore. You should spend the time with ones who put forth the effort and really matter ❤️❤️ Enough of my venting 😂😂 Happy Monday, Everyone!!

Way up Boss 👍 #Repost frickerisana: 🙏🏾🙏🏾💯 Repost from @industreettvdrama using @RepostRegramApp - Our #IndustreetMCM this week is Raji Quadri, popularly known as Fricker Isana @frickerisana
Raji who is from Kwara State, Irepodun local government, Omuaran, has a diploma degree from University of Ilorin.
He is a Nigerian street hop, Raggae and Dancehall artiste currently signed to Isana Records, a label he co-owns with popular Nigerian artiste, JJC Skillz.
Fricker grew up in Lagos, Gowon estate, Egbeda to be precise, as a young master of ceremony (MC) with the stage name, MC Fricker and he later went ahead to record his first ever single in 2002.
In 2009, he released a single 'Ijo' featuring Lord of Ajasa which gave him a lot of recognition in the streets of Lagos followed by another wave making single titled 'Kulujaja'.
2012 Fricker rebranded from 'MC Fricker' to just 'Fricker' removing the acronym 'MC' with a new target of satisfying his local and international fans.
Fricker has performed on same stage with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Sound Sultan, D’Banj and Don Jazzy, Faze JJC, and many others.
Fricker Isana plays the character Small G in the music tv drama #Industreet
What punishment do you think Small G deserves for being a tell-tale?
#MusicTVDrama #IndustreetTVDrama #MusicTVSeries #IndustreetTVSeries #Music #Drama #Friend #Foe #MusicIndustry #EntertainmentIndustry #Entertainment #Industreet #IndustreetSeries

Fuck it! Facts are that I gave way to much to certain people that ain’t deserve it and now when I look to see who standing behind me ain’t no one there! #DoloMission at least I got my family ! #FOE

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