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⛡️Sa Calobra & the Torrent De Pareis-
The journey to Sa Calobra will be as memorable as the actual bay itself. All of the twists & turns in the road, (a feature known as the 'Knotted Tie') in the high altitude, within the mountains made this hands down, the most beautiful car ride I have ever experienced. My only regret is that we didn’t bring swimming shoes, as we were unaware of how rocky the shore of the bay was, so I didn’t get to swim in the gorgeous blue-green sea.-
πŸ‘ˆ Swipe left to see the journey-
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Without losing a piece of me. How do I get to heaven? Without changing a part of me. How do I get to heaven? ...So if I'm losing a piece of me, maybe I don't want heaven? 🎢
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As I am slowly making my way back to weights from a small injury, I have doing more body weight workouts πŸ’ƒπŸ» to just get blood flow into the injured area and help recovery πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
1- V-ups (place hands behind your hips, keep the chest open as you lean back lower your legs, then lifting from your lower abs not just lifting your legs, bring chest and legs together)
2- Pistol squat & push up (single leg back roll into single leg push up, use the momentum of the roll to help come up, jump into single leg plank, tricep push up elbows close to the body)
3- Pistol Squats (building mobility, stability with this exercise, start without holding your foot, leg out in front of you, pull that leg up your quads should be on fire πŸ”₯)
4- Box jumps (amazing exercise where you’re working every single muscle in your legs, the goal is to jump upwards not forwards, box jumps put less stress on the knee during landing, practice sound landing to overall decrease joint stress and to develop explosive power)
5- Tricep push offs (place hands behind you on the box, keep hips close to the box, bending from the elbow perform a tricep dip, on the way up push off lightly and land with bent elbows to absorb shock, keep your shoulders packed and chest open throughout this exercise)

Happy New Week!! ✨πŸ’ͺ🏼 My arm workouts are superset style most of the time, for every bicep do a tricep exercise πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Let’s work those πŸ”« for #summer2018
1- EZ bar bicep curl (started with just the ez bar for 15 reps, then 4 sets of 10 with weight, for all arm exercises your elbow needs to be in a fixed position to get proper isolation)
2- Hurdle dips (keep shoulder packed, core engaged, bend from the elbow, 4 sets of 10)
3- DB skull crushers (I prefer DB over BB for this exercise as my body has more freedom to move in its natural range of motion, shoulder packed on the bench, bending from the elbow, 4 sets of 12)
4- Hammer curls (palms face into your body, with single arm you’ll be able to lift heavier, 4 sets of 16)
5- Single arm preacher curls (I chose this one to isolate even more and not involve any momentum from my body, 4 sets each side 12 reps)

I’m over here doing what I like , I’m over here working day and night ... and if my real ain’t real enough I’m sorry for you, bea !πŸ’œπŸ΄
@arianagrande .
@sweetener .
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Happy Thursday babes, what I get asked the most is how to get stronger in your push ups πŸ’ͺ🏼 Push ups require a lot of upper body strength, core, chest and back activation, so having a set upper body gym routine where you hit all those muscle groups frequently will support your push up game!
In order to become stronger, you will have to do the work, the only way you’ll be able to do proper push ups is by doing push ups πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ In the beginning you’ll probably feel it most in your arms because you have to hold your body up, by focusing on squeezing your shoulder blades to stabilize your shoulder and thinking about pushing the floor away from you (biceps squeezing into your chest) not you away from the floor, you will get a better mind body connection and take attention away from your arms
Arm position think about a diagonal angle from your shoulder to your elbow, the elbow should never be in a straight line right beside your shoulder, that puts too much tension on the front of your shoulders 😱
On the way down prevent your chest from collapsing by pulling your shoulder blades back, you’ll also get a full stretch of the chest at the bottom of the push up
Keep your bellybutton sucked to your spine, squeeze your glutes and legs for stability
1- Incline or wall push ups (if you can’t find an empty space on a wall use a bench, you’ll be lifting less of your own body weight)
2- Moving plank (start in your regular plank, place hands directly underneath your shoulders and push up into high plank, alternate which arms pushes up first)
3- Shoulder taps (in your high plank touch opposite hand to shoulder while maintaining a strong core)
4- Work more on the negative/eccentric phase to gain strength, the downward motion go slow and try to hold it for a second on the bottom, reset and repeat until you can push yourself back up ✨⭐️

Test-driving my new @alphalete seamless leggings to make sure they are squat proof, functional and comfortable πŸ’™ I AM IN LOVE!
My glutes and hamstrings were still slightly sore from leg day on Friday πŸ”₯ note that with stretcher exercises like lunges, deadlifts and squats, recovery of muscle groups can take up to 4 days 😏
I was focusing on taking tension of my lower back and glutes/hammies, because I did not want to wait one more day for leg day πŸ˜…πŸ‘βœŒπŸΌ
1- Squat to bench (the bench is higher than my deepest squat range of motion so I was taking tension of my hamstrings and glutes on the way down and focused on squeezing my quads on the way up, lightly touching the bench and engaging my core helps keeping my body upright)
2- Elevated heels squat with KB (again I was trying not to compress my lumbar section and decrease erector spinae recruitment, with my torso being more upright, having your heels on a plate increases range of motion at the knee due to less dorsiflexion at the ankle, also working on knee stability this way, I personally feel this one more in my quads which is what I wanted to focus on in this workout)
3- Single leg elevated glute bridge (by driving the other knee into my chest I get a better hip extension at the top, I am engaging my core on the way up without hyperextending my lower back)
4- Plate Jump Squats (leg day finisher for me, hold a plate out in front of you while focusing on jumping as high as you can, soft landing through the ankles)

Dreaming of today’s leg day πŸ’­β™₯οΈπŸ‘ while organizing my kitchen cabinets #adultingsohard 😏 I will be testing a new pair of @alphalete leggings and see how they do, shall let you know about the fit, sizing and functionality✌🏼 OBVS filming this workout for you babes πŸ“Έ XX.

Filmed a core/abs workout for you loves πŸ’› Will be live shortly! And because it’s such a nice sunny day I’m going to get my HIIT workout in outside with @corriejamesfitness πŸ‘πŸΌβ˜€οΈ
>> Going to film this one too, so you can switch up your gym routine, take it outside & bring a friend✌🏼#beavisionary

Almost forgot about this leg day, it burns so good and my glutes were definitely sore after this one πŸ’πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€£
Started with two heavy lifts, then finished with a tri-set for full muscle fatigue πŸ”₯
1- BB squats (the wider my stance the more I feel activation in my glutes, important for heavy lifts is core engagement, brace your core breathe in as you sink into your squat, push through your heels and drive up with force and breath out, keep your chest up throughout the exercise)
2- BB front squats (because this is front loading exercise your lower back needs to be strong to help you maintain an upright back, bring your elbows forward and lift them as you sink into your squats to activate your back, the bar is not resting in your wrists but on your shoulders)
3- BB hip thrusts (1st out of the tri-set, ankles below your knees, look forward to eliminate lower back arching at the top of the movement, squeeze your glutes for full hip extension and lower for full glute stretch at the bottom)
4- Single leg step ups (2nd out of the tri-set, stand on your toes for the foot on the bottom, lean into the leg on the bench, use the leg on the bench only pushing through your heel to come up)
5- Box jumps (3rd out of the tri-set, landing is most important, try to land as quietly as possible, your whole body will be more engaged and your joints are protected, stand closer to the box so it’s a straight drive up, you need to squat down first so that you’re muscles stretch and spring making you jump on top of the box)

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