The Beautiful Barron Gorge - stunning in all weathers and perfect for abit of an adventure. 😍😁 #rafting #barron #halfday #foamingfury #thingstodoincairns #ttnq #tnq #whitewaterrafting #exploretnq

How amazing does that water look? Come and join us on an action packed adventure! You won't regret it. 😎 #rafting #halfday #whitewaterrafting #ThingstodoinCairns #barron #tnq #foamingfury #cairnsadventuregroup

Our Rafts fit up to 6 or 7 people. Grab some mates and join us in a fun filled half day raft. 😃 #rafting #halfday #ThingstodoinCairns #tnq #barron #foamingfury

okay I want say few more words about my time in Australia. I started this trip with my ex and we decided to do our farm work first to get this shit done, so we could stay 2 years in Australia. we had 5 hard  months, struggled with money and jobs but at the end we finished our farm days together and save a bit money to travel the west coast.
when you do your farm work in working hostels, all of the people try to survive and get this shit together done which is like being a family.
the west coast of Australia was beautiful, but we did it way to fast in just 5 weeks for 14.000km...fuck I hated this driving... straight roads with nothing around just dead kangaroos or ones who tried to kill us.

in cairns I started my training to familiarize with the Barron river to be a rafting guide again. so since june I lived in cairns and work as a guide for forming fury.
maybe after a month in cairns my ex decides to leave me, which knocked me hard down. but all my colleges helped me to come over her and to enjoy my life in cairns. after some drunk weeks 😃 I started on and lived my life in this special city (mostly working and party or sitting at the lagoon enjoying the special view 😃 in this time my colleges went to be friends and family for me. you guys were the reason why I stayed so long in cairns. we went through some big shit on the river and we did some got damm hardcore parties 🍺

also living in the tropical rainforest was something special for me. 37 degree and 85 humidity kills you... and you live under palm trees and next to crocodiles 🐊
after all I did my decision to leave cairns and Australia after 1.5 years, which was really not easy for me. I still get some tears rolling down my face when I think about that I left you guys and my second home town
but I have to move on and my last adventure will be Canada. so let's go there and rock this rocky mountains 🚣♂️🏂🗻🧗♀️🚵♂️⛺ a big thanks to my best mates Joe, Karl, Jason, Lee, Ruth, Aidan and Trever you're always welcome to visit me
#workandtravelcanada #adventure #gopro #foamingfury #cairns #wettropics #australia #canada #backpacking

I make it easy. good bye foaming fury, cairns and australia. I had a wonderful time here but now it's time to move on. thank you to all my friends I will miss you lot and hope to see you soon again somewhere in the world

#workandtravelaustralia #workandtravelcanada #foamingfury #adventure #canada #raftingguidelife

Rafting is always a good idea 💪🏽❤️

Nice family pic from 2001 that mum found x

I’m soo not the adventurous type. I can’t even get on a Ferris wheel ! But this grade 3 river rafting on the Barron river was amazing. This pic is about 10 seconds before I fell overboard 😂😂 nevertheless still exciting. Looking forward to the next river rafting adventure .. this time with maybe a harness that will tie me to the boat ? #throwbacksaturday #barronriverrafting #cairns #foamingfury #roadtriping #instagood #adventuretime #whitewaterrafting #ig_shutterbugs #naturelovers #discoverqueensland

Did you know the section of river we raft upon on the Barron River is controlled by a power station. They are responsible for releasing water for us to raft upon each day. ⠀


#powerstation #rafting #foamingfury #barron

Cheese!!! Nothing like a quick selfie before talking the Barron River with @foamingfury. White water rafting on the Barron is suitable for everyone over 12 years of age. ⠀

#selfie #rafting #foamingfury #cheese

Never underestimate the power of misfits coming together for a common goal - to enjoy

Okay that was a bit far fetched..but hey what matters is the #experience and the #fun we have as a group.
#whitewaterrafting #foamingfury #cairns #barronriver #extremeadventure

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