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Camping was crazy this year ! Had a blast with good company ⛺️ #Fn57 #Glock23 @jjovannie

22tcm vs fn5.7
#fn57 #22tcm

@17thsoulja4 - Pay attention to the video. Look at it clearly. You have hundreds of thousands if not millions of ⚪️ people training everyday like this like their life depends on it. This is what you are up against. Now, they'll try to pawn this off as "survival prep" for rebelling against a "tyrannical government" or "foreign invaders" but these are the same "patriots" that did nothing when the Patriot Act passed and did nothing to stop the encroachment on "American" freedom also America ever been under the threat of invasion, so who are they training in preparation for? Who are they stockpiling weapons for? Who do they plan on killing with these weapons and tactics? Understand that, during the Black Wall Street massacre, law enforcement deputized other Whites to put down the "negro rebellion" by shooting Black men, women and children as they were fleeing from their burning city. If you can't make the connection between what you see going on in America now, and the carefully laid groundwork to paint African Americans as terrorists, then you should probably study more. Also I've seen alot of these Black NRA tokens on IG, who I'm going to start calling out by name, shilling about 2A and how Black people should join and donate to the NRA. The NRA is not and has never been an organization that supports the arming of African Americans and only seeks to keep guns in the hands of Whites and guns out of Black hands. Many of these Black NRA shills are nothing but the typical White Supremacist "patriot" with a Black face that if their "brothers" call on them to shoot down innocent Black people, they would do it in a heartbeat. These people cannot be trusted and they are not your friends. If the person holding the gun does not have the mindset to use that gun for the empowerment of Black people, they are not to be trusted and should be ostracized. Now look at this video again. This is the opposition. This is what you are up against. Now how prepared are you? Also this post is not meant to scare or fear monger to anyone. Self defense, in this social climate, should be a priority for Us?

Fn5.7 😎 Next is the Mods!! #Fn57 #Guns #followMeOrSwallowMe #ShutUpOrKillMe #OhDaaang


Or is this one better? Why?

Sick Gold and Camo #P90

Party time. #fn57 #fn #guns #edc


My favorite. #fn57 #5.7

Extrañando ir a tirar. #fn57 #57x28mm

We have one FN 5.7 available if anyone is looking for one this is your chance to get it
First come first serve no holds
#fn57 #fabriquenational #fnherstal #57 #gunsdaily #gunstagram #shooting #gunporn #stockton #ca #shoplocal

A few of the blasters from earlier today! #goodtimes #2a #usa #patriot

Had to get my fix. It’s been to long. #vp9 #hecklerandkoch #glock19 #fn57 #sundaygunday

Got these 30's that just came in for my #fn57

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