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دو سه روز است، همين ساعت ها كه مى شود، اين عكس را مى گذارم جلوى چشمم و خيره مى شوم به گل هاى ريز سپيد رنگ به روى چمن ها و بعد حس عميقى مى آيد مى نشيند سر دلم.
حسى كه شايد شبيه دلتنگي باشد. شايد شبيه سكوت باشد و يا شايد شبيه خالى شدن ته دل!
تنها اينكه اين حس عطر دارد. عطر تلخ كاج و هجوم!
همايون شجريان هر شب كه من از اين عكس سيراب مى شوم و تن ام عطر كاج مى گيرد،
مى خواند كه:
" خوب شد دردم دوا شد، خوب شد
دل به عشقت مبتلا شد خوب شد"

22. care #fms_care the #caring #cards and #notes I've received about #opie (swipe for the one from our vet) #dogsmakelifebetter - September is National Self-Improvement Month so this month's #theme is #selfimprovement #fmsphotoaday #fms_pad #fmspad #photoadayseptember

The chipotle salted fries tasted better than the spicy chicken katsu burger. #muchosdisappointed #burgerbachi 🍔

12. Emotional #fms_emotional This is a roller coaster of prompt! Everyone put their feelings on the line. Congratulations to the Fab Four:
TL: @sophieneechan
TR: @carlylynn79
BL: @photolori
BR: @tess_r
#fmsphotoaday #fmspad #littlemomentsapp .
Featured by Jen @love_wednesday 💕

My #fmsphotoaday - thought I would share this one from the archives...in fact, this was taken over five years ago in ICU...it was the morning after my husband had his liver transplant. I was his full time carer for about a year before as he got sicker. But he is one of the lucky ones and got a much needed liver before it was too late. Just over a year later, it was his turn to look after me as I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thankfully I just needed surgery so it hopefully remains a very brief brush with the big C. We sure take in sickness & in health literally! 😀 #fms_care #livertransplant #soulmatesforlife #organdonation

#fms_care Today Bride and I were blessed to be the recipients of the most caring act of kindness we have seen in a very long time. When I started using Instagram in November 2014, I thought it would probably just be me sharing a picture or a joke occasionally with family or a friend or two. I would never have imagined where it would lead. Bride was blessed with a multitude of get well wishes after her surgery in March, I received sympathy cards from around the world when my Mom died in May and Bride and I have received beautiful gifts from people here in the U.S. and other countries. Ive been blessed to already have met in person one of my very best IG friends and I hope to meet many more. Anyway, in October 2016 I came across a post I thought was interesting so I double tapped it and moved on. Maybe the poster liked one of my pictures first, I don't remember and it doesn't matter. So a few likes later we started to follow each other and discovered we had many things in common. This relationship grew quickly and to the point that we were more than IG friends, even more than friends. We refer to each other as brother and sister now because that's how we feel. The ironic thing is, we have not actually met in person but I want that to change. This young lady is a kind, generous, strong warrior princess but most of all she is a beautiful child of God. Today Bride and I received the most amazing gift ever from this angel and her awesome hubby. We were overwhelmed when we opened the package this afternoon to find this incredible gift. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for the amazing love this gift represents. All I can really say is thank you so much Shana and Marty, we love you like family. Kindness and generosity like this is truly special. God Bless You and God Bless America. 🙏🏼🇺🇸🤗❤️#fmspad #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp #fatmumslim

Self care. It’s important that on those days that you don’t want to show your face to the world, that you show YOURSELF love before you let OTHERS show you love. This isn’t a sad post, but a positive one. If anyone here notices someone who seems a bit off, please ask them if they’re ok. Even if they aren’t but they say they are, by you showing you care can make a big difference ❤️ #fms_care #fmsphotoaday #fmspad


Photo-a-day - September, day 17 - My addiction #fmsphotoaday

NEW BLOG 🤙🏻 FIVE FAVE FUNCTIONAL EXERCISES 🏋️‍♀️ LINK IN BIO ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 ♥️ @functionalmvmt

I said to @bettercallpaulm you should untie your sneaker laces. He replied: "I don't care." #fmsphotoaday is care.

22.7.17 || not a care in the world besides dinosaur shaped chicken and Paw Patrol ||
#fms_care #fmsphotoaday #littlemomentsapp #erin_pad17 #52momentsofzachin2017 #timestamp_photos #zach_deering

#fmsphotoaday #fms_care #littlemomentsapp #grandkids My grandson really cares for his little cousin, he is very gentle with her💕

#fmsphotoaday #fms_between #rockcity There's me peeping back between 2 sheer rock faces that I had to walk through, as I am claustrophobic I spent about 20 minutes pacing at the other end before I could actually pass through here.. Phew!

Manicure time 💅🏽• Sep 22 • #fms_care

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