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I have no fear, I have only love ❤️ #fleetwoodmac #gypsy #pdx #soulsearching #flyingsolo

Un paseo por el Viñedo Schnably Winery en Holmestead... entre vino paisajes... acabé de cabeza... #AleEnMiami #quepaluegoestardetour 2.0 #flyingsolo

Flying solo || first day home alone with TWO and managed to go to the shops 💪 .
We were lucky to have daddy home for a whole 4 wks but the time has come to fly solo ✈ It was scary at first as my recovery has been slow and I havnt actually left the house on many occations during these 4wks 🤤
We managed one 'practice run' with my mother in law but we only made it 1km down the road to the local cafe 😂😖😤 because: baby would not stop crying in the car seat. Toddler started crying because the baby was crying. 😑 "It hurts my ears mummy" *keeps crying for sympathy* 🤦‍♀️ and mummy breaks out in a nervous sweath because both kids were crying. We stopped twice on that 1km trip 😂
Once i parked outside cafe the car next to me parked too close so I couldnt open the door to get the baby capsule out....!!! 😶🤤😱
I had so extract a screming, sweathy distressed baby through a small space. FML 😱 Got baby out. Got toddler out. MIL was out.
Suddently the toddlers legs stopped working. 😖😬 .
For those of you who are not familiar with Threenagers: these kind of things tend to happen when shit hits the fan 😤
Out in public. Baby is screaming. Mummy is dripping of sweat. Mummy instantly regretted we left the house. Toddler wants mummy to carry her. Legs collapse. Everyone is looking. Smiling. We are all smiling 😬
Bribing toddler to go inside to chose a treat. Not working. Threathening toddler to go home. Not working. Wish I was invinsible. Not working 😑
Drags toddler inside cafe to order.
Sits down. Baby asleep ON me. Toddler got her sugar hit. Everone is happy again.
Mummy is exhausted not sure how to ever get home again 😬😂 Not sure we will everrrr leave the house ever again.
MIL takes toddler for a walk.
Mummy sits very still with sleeping baby on me. Everyone is smiling. Scarred for life 😶👊
Decides Im not leaving the house again for a looong time.
2 days later - first time alone.
Baby falls asleep in car capsule mummy keeps driving to the mall and Kmart. Need new arts n crafs supplies. Bribe toddler with lollies. Baby sleeps in carrier. Toddler sits nicely in trolley.
Mummy feels like super woman💪


That Smug expression after eating Popcorn and watching Justice League at last. #StillOnLeave #MovieHour #FlyingSolo #BossMode

To that time when I jinxed myself and call my team “Mel’s Team” ... @hogfit_canada hit herself in a box jump incident and had to run out and get stitches.. flying solo today until tomorrow! 😬😬😄😄 I came for the high fives and the fun times and that’s exactly what I am getting today! :) #botb2017 #flyingsolo #melsteam #beckyisatrooper @sweatsociety @lululemonyeg #chesttobar 💜💜💜💜


When something just doesn't feel right anymore and it doesnt bring you joy, it's best to rip the bandaid off and start afresh.
#newbeginnings #freedom #gutfeelings #flyingsolo

“I don't know WHO I'm talking to"
"I want to attract the RIGHT people"
"I don't know which niche to focus on"
"I'm being everything to EVERYONE"
"I don't want to exclude anyone"

Two out of three calls I have are with entrepreneurs who need to clarify exactly who their target audience is (among other things!). It's impacting everything in their business from knowing what to write in blog posts, how to speak to them on social media and how to find them and market to them in their advertising.

Knowing exactly WHO you're talking to makes life a hell of alot easier, and it will make very efficient use of your marketing dollar. (and let's face it, you're then able to fill out this section of your graphic designer's briefing form like a complete #boss)

Every day for 5 days from MONDAY I'll be jumping LIVE in the group to teach one luxuriously packed Masterclass - "Clarify & Focus Your Target Audience So You Can Focus, Find & Fill Your 2018 Calendar" .. where you'll receive everything you need to instantly gain the focus you need for a MASSIVE 2018, work out EXACTLY WHO you are focusing on and serving in your business so that you're motivated and loving Mondays again!

If your target audience is as broad as "women in business";
If you don't know who you're talking to in your marketing and social media posts, or how to talk to them;
If your dream clients are choosing your competitors over you; .... you need to join the Masterclass on Monday 27th November at 10am (AEST). The ONLY place this training will be live is in the new Evolve & Conquer FB Group.
Click the link to join the Evolve & Conquer FB group (in profile). Let's solve this together on the training.
See you 10am Monday!

P.S If you know an other AMAZING Entrepreneurs who could also use a little marketing magic + support, invite them to JOIN IN!

Namsong River Tubing, Vang Vieng, Laos

First proper night out without Luca... #confused #flyingsolo #mumouting

“I know there ain't shit that you could offer me
Take a second if you think about crossing me
It lasts forever, you should try a sample
Baby I'm the boss like I'm Tony Danza
Everybody trying to tell me what I stand for
But you don't fucking know me homie you don't want war”- Post
#gym #fitness #postmalone #lookatme #gainpost #hardwork #fit #dadbod #latenight #grinding #flyingsolo

#Tip Knowing how people find your website and what they do when they come to your website is crucial to your success. Set up Google Analytics before you launch your website, and make sure you’re tracking everything from the start!

I have no fear, I have only love ❤️ #fleetwoodmac #gypsy #pdx #soulsearching #flyingsolo

Unfortunately I won't be going home for Thanksgiving, but I am beyond excited that I'm not someone stuck in traffic! #holidaytravel #flyingsolo #workaholic #packing

🗣🗣🗣 That’s What I Called ... SOLO BABY ‼️‼️‼️ #doitforyou #doit #sing #solo #playingsolo #flyingsolo #ohyeah #yesbaby #idontwannago

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