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You got on my nerves when you dyed ya hair and you know it , you let me grind you up and all 😂😂😂 damn my nigga I still can't believe you gone smh 😢💔 #FlyHighMyGuy #LongLiveArk

Damn bro crazy i came across your name in my phone just yesterday g.. Just talked you up with @duuuece .. Couldn't even hit you to say Happy G Day my guy 🙏🏽 Remain to Rest Easy tho fam‼️ Love is Love G #LLAJ #FlyHighMyGuy

#FlyHighMyGuy #RestInPaperMark 🤧 We love you boy🤞🏽

Everyday I wake up I see somebody saying "Rip" I never thought we would be saying it to you 😞😪😪 Rest Up Mear😔❤️ #FlyHighMyGuy 👼🏽😘

R.I.P pop pop 💓 #flyhighmyguy 😇❤

Don't seem like you really gone, tell the rest of the Fam I said I what's up....

You know wassup #FlyHighMyGuy #Live4TaE 💔

I was mistaken about the people I thought I've once known. As I progress I begin to possess the urge to flap away from this mess. These snakes always try to invade my nest. So as the heavens and I sing, hoping it'll change things, but the behavior of human nature just make me cringe. Though whatever the future brings, I will remain a king hoping to fly, praying they don't cut off my wings #flyhighmyguy ✨🕊

One last time to spark the cigars with lil bro #BPsiPhi #FlyHighMyGuy #HeyVols #WeJustBeatTheHellOutOfYou #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm


#FlyhighMyGuy🕊🕊 PIPB95🔴 see you when I get there for my one on one 💔

Damn this shit hurts man, i neva got to say goodbye. Last time i saw u, was on new years day of 2016. We chill n did a lil extra activity together that night. U always care on what i was doing. U were like a older brother that was younger than me. Even tho we didnt hang out that much, but when we did, i gotta say it was fun times, cuz u had a joyful heart, u kno how to make people laugh, n u always care about ur peeps. U was Always cutting up n shit, arguing, fighting, dancing n singing in the hallways but it was one thing u did know how to do, n dat was being a rider no matter what!! There will not be another one like you my guy. U will always live threw us, n i know that heaven got a good angel, a true soldier. #restinparadise #longlivedrake #flyhighmyguy

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