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Gone to soon.... I appreciate everything you taught me. LONG LIVE A TRUE PLAYA.... #FlyHighMyGuy @hughhefner

Everyday I wake up I see somebody saying "Rip" I never thought we would be saying it to you 😞😪😪 Rest Up Mear😔❤️ #FlyHighMyGuy 👼🏽😘

Headed to his new destination in Heaven #FlyHighMyGuy

Damn bro crazy i came across your name in my phone just yesterday g.. Just talked you up with @duuuece .. Couldn't even hit you to say Happy G Day my guy 🙏🏽 Remain to Rest Easy tho fam‼️ Love is Love G #LLAJ #FlyHighMyGuy

You know wassup #FlyHighMyGuy #Live4TaE 💔

One last time to spark the cigars with lil bro #BPsiPhi #FlyHighMyGuy #HeyVols #WeJustBeatTheHellOutOfYou #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm

#FlyHighMyGuy #flyhighflyguy 💔 This hurt for real

REST IN PEACE NIKO‼️ I met you through our photography group and you was cool! Then I saw yo page and I was dang that's raw! I wanted to take pictures like you and still do! I can't believe you gone so early! I wanted to learn some techniques from you! We only met in person one time! But we talked in the GC and we was cool! I wish we would've been cooler than we were! #NikosLegacy Coming soon! You know we had to do something in your honor! #FlyHighMyGuy #ForNiko

#FlyHighMyGuy #RestInPaperMark 🤧 We love you boy🤞🏽


😔 I’m Down Here Missing You Like Crazy Bro It’s Still Hurting Like Shit 😢 But I Know You In Good Hands


The love we had for each other was genuine yu was a stand up nigga forsure this shit weighing heavy on me bro #FlyHighMyGuy🕊 #LongLiveDaDon🤘🏾 #BerksSt30✊🏾

Young fly Nigga & these niggas just be some haters 💔👼🏾 #flyhighmyguy

BroBro💯💔❤️🤞🏾😩😩 Since Patrick Henry Days 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😒 #FlyHighMyGuy #GsUpForQu 😈🤘🏾

Another One Gone But It's Not The End Of The Road ❤️Its Just A Celebration Of Life😇#WhitakerGang #flyhighmyguy

Damn Lil this shit fucked up out here🤦‍♂️ Rest ya soul I really hope ya moms and the rest of fam stay cool keep they heads up💔 #FlyHighMyGuy

Waiting on a phone call , still waiting for my text back , waiting To Hear “Hey BellaTricky roll that shit up 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️” waiting for the jokes 😂 . but the longest wait I’ll never get tired of is waiting to see you again 🤘🏼#FlyhighMyguy

Rip bamo💔😇 this shit really crazy bro and the fucked up part about it is that niggas wasn't on ya dick until u got shot but bro fly high I'ma really miss you yo #longlivebamo #flyhighmyguy

Happy Birthday to my boy Tyrone ✨🍰 aye I felt you turnin up in my spirit this mornin boy chills was runnin thru my body 💯 but aye man just continue to save my spot up there so when we see each other again we can chop it up 😂 you might be in the clouds ☁ but best believe ain't nobody forgot about you down here man I mean nobody 😇 Rest Easy My Angle 😥 #FlyHighMyGuy #LLBang #WeLoveYouBro

Great Turn Out and send off for Cally! #flyhighmyguy

Gone to soon.... I appreciate everything you taught me. LONG LIVE A TRUE PLAYA.... #FlyHighMyGuy @hughhefner

#FlyhighMyGuy🕊🕊 PIPB95🔴 see you when I get there for my one on one 💔

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