It’s the perfect weather for soup and freshly made bread rolls.
Here is a progress shot of my homemade bread rolls.
I use Thermomumma’s recipe and omit the sugar and bread improver.

Top tips;
* Use your ThermoServer filled with boiling water to help prove your dough in cooler weather.
* Be patient with your second prove to allow the rolls to touch and be almost double in size.
* Allow rolls to completely cool after cooking, and flash freeze for delicious fresh rolls. (They defrost beautifully). Do you make your own bread or bread rolls? Put. 👍 in the comments if you do.
If you would like to learn more about how to make them put a 👋 in the comments and I’ll make a video tutorial if there is a call for it!
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Ultra Fluffy Milk Bread Rolls
📝credit: @cleobuttera
📷credit: @sajseeds_recipes
Step 1: make a roux 1st In pot pour 3Tbs water, 3Tbs milk, 2Tbs bread flour (I used plain flour) combine all this till no lumps remain, place the saucepan over low heat to cook the mixture mixing it constantly, till its thickened and consistency is of a loose roux, takes about 5min, transfer into a bowl cover with a cling wrap cool to room temperature, can leave in fridge too cool
Step 2: to make the dough in stand mixer bowl, add 2 & 1/2cups plain flour, 2Tbs milk powder, 1tsp salt, 1Tbs instant yeast, 1/4cup sugar, take the cooled down roux add into it 1large egg, 1/4cup melted unsalted butter, 1/2cup slightly warm milk, whisk it all up pour the mixture into the dry ingredients in stand mixer and mix on low speed, gradually taking it to medium speed, using the dough hook, you can also knead using hands, increase the speed gradually, it shld take 20min exact to knead the dough really well, to begin with dough will be really tacky don’t be tempted to add more flour as you knead it will all come together, then using lightly oiled hands knead it bit more, roll the dough into a ball, lightly oil a bowl put dough in, lightly oil the top of dough, and leave to rise in warm place covered, takes about +-90min till the dough doubled in size, punch it down, turnout out onto worktop, pat it down into a square 8inch even thickness, using a chefs knife cut the dough into 9pieces (3 rows by 3 rows) cover them loosely with cling wrap, and working with one piece of the dough at a time roll it into a taut smooth ball, place each ball into lightly greased 8 r 9inch square pan, cover loosely with cling wrap leave to rise and get fluffy +-20min, preheat oven @180deg remove cling wrap egg wash with 1egg beaten with 1Tbs milk r double cream, bake for +-25min till golden brown, brush the tops with melted butter once out of oven still hot....😋
This recipe can be doubled..it’s the best ever can’t stop saying how lovely the buns were...light fluffy ...
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Neck rolls fo days 🐺 #fluffyrolls

Playing around with edits. I feel like I favor more dark and faded themes. I hope this doesn't look to faded/dark.

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Homebaked fluffy cinnamon rolls baked from scratch with cream cheese smothered on top.
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I pulled these raw milk dinner rolls out of the oven right before I left the house to deliver raw milk to area neighbors and friends. I called my husband to let him know that chicken was ready for the grill and fresh rolls were ready to eat when he got home.
He doesn't love bread. Crazy right? Unless it's Kings Hawaiian Rolls, he won't touch bread with a 10-foot pole. Pile on the tortillas and he's there.
I came home and saw that someone had dug in to the rolls. I asked him about it, and he was almost embarrassed to admit that it was my fault because they were calling his name and he couldn't resist the temptation. He said "quit making them taste like King's Hawaiian Rolls and I won't have the urge to keep eating them".
Well, one thing is certain: at least I know that if Pinterest ever folds and my blog traffic takes a dive, or if people stop taking showers with soap, I may have a chance in the breadmaking biz. .
BTW, these rolls were made with raw milk. Raw milk is not only delicious to drink, it makes some pretty yummy tasting rolls too.
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Slather these amazing Everything Bagel Rolls with our Green Onion Spread for the most delicious addition to your springtime supper. (Recipe link in profile)
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