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Only one more week to get yourself a pair of Smoothie socks via @smoothiethecat (link in bio) 😊🍉🥝🍓 with the proceeds we're gonna help kitties in need & support shelters. The socks are made with the finest fabrics (75% bamboo) & one size fits all, up to a size 12 male US.

Who else wants to take a chilly dip?! 🙋🏼 Photo - @akiakthehusky #backcountrypaws

I need sum baby powder on my feet right now.. ooof

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Jonah: Lola told me that kitties who sit like this get extra treats. Today is going to be the best!
Happy Caturday, everyone.
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This is your good buddy Señor Fluffy Pants with a "Public Service Meowncement"! Yes, we know my birthday is Sunday and I'm going to be 2 years old.
The family has been lectured to make sure they don't screw up my birthday meals, but I digress.
The point of this message is almost as important as my birthday.
Tomorrow is a national holiday!
Tomorrow is "Clear The Shelter" Day!
So here is what you can do for my birthday!
Step 1- wake up on #Caturday .
Step 2- brush your teeth. No one wants to snuggle with morning breath! Peeeeyewwww!
Step 3- drive, walk, march, skip, hop, fly, do cartwheels to your nearest shelter and find a new baby who needs rescuing like me in this picture! (Yes that's me about to strip the ball from that orange ball hog)
Step 4- take your new bub home, give them the SNUGGS because duh, SATURDAY IS FOR THE SNUGGS!
So for my birthday I want you to go write a new story for a baby who is currently in a cage eating some food that's not Fancy Feast with no room to run around!
If you're on Long Island, go to @animalleague and tell em your buddy Señor Fluffy Pants sent you! Or Kylo, Kylo works too.
IF you are drowning in cats and have no more room because if you take a step you may accidentally squish a paw, don't go rescue another one of us! You've done enough! Instead, you can donate to @animalleague using the link in my bio which raises money for a new wing at #NorthShore in the name of @bethostern 's Bianca! Anything helps!
Ok that's that! Don't forget! Set an alarm! If you forget, fair warning I may give you love scratch (minus the love😼) MEOW! #KyloKitten #cattitude #BossyKittensOfInstagram #ClearTheShelters #ClearTheShelters2017 #GetYourRescueOn #OrElse #KittenBowl #FBF #HideYoFoodHideYoHairTies

Look at that booty 🐶
Video by: @puffie_the_chow
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Wahnsinn, wie die Zeit rennt ⏱ ich weiß noch, wie sehr ich mich auf unser kleines Sheltie-Treffen gefreut habe🐶💕 (ich war auch ein bisschen aufgeregt, weil es hinterher zu uns ging, und als "Gastgeber" möchte man natürlich alles richtig machen und alle sollen sich wohl fühlen 🙄🤗). Und jetzt ist das Treffen schon wieder eine Woche her 🤷🏻‍♀️ es war aber richtig klasse (außer das Wetter ☔️) und wir freuen uns auf das nächste Mal. Ich habe heute relativ viel auf dem Zettel, unter anderem besuchen wir heute Abend eine neue Hundeschule, mal gucken, wie es uns da so gefällt👍🏼
Vielen Dank an @tb_perfectpicture für das tolle Bild 👌🏼


I love #fluff mail. Raisin arrived from a local doula and she showered me with lavender products. Raisin is the only sling I've had, twice😂 I just hope Acadia arrives before I pop #priorities

Semi naked Saturday - That's a thing right? Well it is now.
Thought it's been an age since my skin had graced the social media world. My content has been going on another (better) direction or late.
However I'm still training, still focussed on getting back on that stage next year.
These pictures mark the end of the first few phases of massing. 😬
From Monday il be going through a short, sharp minicut. Just to tidy up and have a sneak little peak at hopefully some new muscles 💪. #
As fun as massing Calories sound, I'm actually looking forward to dieting. I like structure and with more flexibility comes the ability for structure to be lost.
Plan is to see where we sit after next phase and maybe go again✂️✂️ #
Anyway enough of my current physique position. Il get back to posting pictures of lions 🦁

When you like @liveeatworkout exercise but obviously need to drop a little weight and better coordination. But definitely going to implement this in the future. #fluff #buff #gains #weights #instafit #igdc #fitfam #rookie #workout #crooked #needswork

Some days you question why you bother doing the job, other days you find an owl! #noidontknowwhattypeitis #thinblueline #owl #bird #flappy #fluff

Precious baby Teijo, idk he's face is so subtle and gracious ✨
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You've gotta make friends at work ❤❤❤ #work #dog #instadog #makingfriends #allthefluff #fluff #cute #puppy #goodgirl

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