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More hard work at the pool tonight. Great turn out, typically sassy and everyone killed it! #flowswimming #swimswam

☀️Vänner ikväll blir det sim i havet och yoga efteråt. Samling sim kl. 17:45 på betongbunkern nära vita bastun vid Falsterbokanalen. Yoga är 19-20 i gläntan ovanför parkeringsplatsen ❤️ #yoga #simning #openwater #flowswimming #yogaflow #yogajona

Focused! @conjaeg with a watchful eye at the#flowswimming clinics!

Thank you @norfolkacademy for letting us use your beautiful facilities for our swim clinic featuring 2016 Olympian Connor Jaeger @conjaeg ! Follow us on Social Media or at www.flowswimming.com for more #flowswimming clinic information! #getbetter

Flow Swimming Clinics... making the younger generations "swim nerdier" by the day! #swimnerd #flowswimming

Watch from top left to bottom right. SWEET Breakout progression by @mlgoco at 2013 NCAA #flowswimming

Committing to your success means doing the things you've watched in both of these NCAAs in practice everyday. Not on meet days. Everyday. To be it... you must become it. #getbetter #flowswimming

We love getting 3 dimensional when we coach! We want coaches who aren't growing grass on their feet! Our coaches @loggledeboggle @sierra5200 and @markwhill are always putting their full self into every group! We always say, "you're not coaching until your pants get a little wet! #3d #passion #energy #getbetter #flowswimming

Coach Mark @markwhill bringing the pump! We believe that instant video feedback is a great way to make changes AND instant positive feedback is a great way to feel great about making those changes. We want kids to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES because if they can do that... then they can learn anything. #flowswimming is all about creating those positive and effective learning environments for kids! #mirrorneurons #getbetter #skillaquisition #getinspired #positiveenergy #believeinyourself

We are going to utilize as much video as we can so kids can get the image in their mind! Here is Coach Sierra @sierra5200 coaching up some Starts and using our video system. #skillaquisition #getbetter #mirrorneurons #flowswimming

Kyle Whitaker @kwwhita getting some "oooooo's" and "ahhhhh's" as he showcases his abilities. Then he got in the pool and worked in small groups with the kids. That's what #flowswimming is all about! Creating those "WOW" moments for young swimmers and getting them the attention and coaching they need to #getbetter

We are always going to try to inspire! This sessions focus: " How to re-motivate for the next season." One of the main takeaways was learning to turn failures into successes! Weaknesses today are strengths tomorrow! #getinspired #flowswimming

Chin Surfing down in Virginia Beach with Kyle Whitaker @kwwhita #flowswimming

Flow Swimming Workshops use live video to give instant feedback so swimmers can #getbetter faster! #flowswimming

Kyle Whitaker @kwwhita in the water working 1-1 with swimmers to help them #getbetter #flowswimming

Coaches @sierra5200 and @markwhill getting 3 dimensional! You think we like this stuff? #getbetter #flowswimming

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