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F.L.O.W. is changing lives!!!! Here's a testimony from a FLOW believer!!! TRUE STORY: "The first day I drank the preatea...I lost my desire to take my morning pain pill. And today is the second day of me drinking Preatea and again I'm skipping out on my morning pain pills. My goal is to get off of these pain pills and so far the tea is helping me to accomplish that. Paying over $100 for products each month is worth it to me if these products can help me stay away from pain pills. I thank God for Curtis C. Odom and Jeff Louis for educating me about Flow. I've been taking pain pills everyday since 2008 after a slip and fall I had on my job. I've been on every pain meds to help with sciatica pains. I've taking oxycodone, morphine, dilaudid, norco and many more. I remember one time back in 2011 Jeff Louis told me...(There has to be some sort of tea that you can drink to help you with the pain)...and I was thinking in my head...ya right tea can't help with these pains. And now I'm actually drinking tea to help ease the pains. Wow, I never saw that coming. Well, I just wanted to share this testimony with my FLOW family...yall have a blessed day!" #flowischanginglives #prettea #healingherbs

I'm looking for believers, go-getters, doers who are ready for a change!! FLOW is changing lives, yours could be next. Let's talk family, legacy, opportunity, and wealth!! Call me now, I'm always ready and available to talk F.L.O.W.!! 786-540-FLOW!! This call will change your life! #flowindustry #callme #satifyyourcuriosity #iknowyouwanttoknowmore #flowischanginglives #residualincome #millionairemindset #ibelieve #holistichealing #teadrinkers #mompreneur #momswhoworkfromhome #workfromhome #increaseyourincome

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