Yes yes I know. But then it’s not exactly a secret is it ? The fact that I love pink roses 🌸 so you’re bound to be seeing a few of them

Got a bit of crochet envy going on at the moment.

Forgot how fabulous autumn is for spotting the true experts 😉

Not all envy though. Especially when I walk into one almost daily going into the greenhouse as well as looking slightly odd waving/grabbing thin air in an attempt to dodge a crocheted web.

I feel happy when I see beautiful flowers and I wanted to capture a picture of those I see to share with you in the hope to add some happiness and calm to your day too
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I love little white flowers!

El Workshop de prensado de flores por @siemprevivacr nos enseña diferentes técnicas para secar flores y que en el proceso no pierdan el color. Lo que nos gusta de este curso es la infinidad de proyectos que podemos realizar con flores secas; por ejemplo@podemos parlas para decorar nuestro jabones artesanales, crear lindo detalles en papeles y desarrollar bitácoras florales de arreglos que nos han regalado o robots botánicos de paseos. Los invitamos este 28 de octubre a sumergirse en esta linda experiencia y explorar al máximo la creatividad.

Even though it's fall, the garden still has a few tricks up her sleeve. #ilovemygarden #flowersmakemesmile #fallsurprises #natureisawesome

•🌼To cultivate the #Hypericum must have available places both sunny (with low temperatures) and semi-shaded (for high temperatures). Provide a loose and well drained soil. It is satisfied with rainwater, even if during prolonged droughts, it's better to give regularly water. I always recommend growing it in our garden because it grows without too much attention, beautiful when it blooms and, for the more experienced, excellent for preparing oils for sunburn or infusions for colds.
•🌼Per coltivare l’ #Iperico dobbiamo avere a disposizione luoghi sia soleggiati (con basse temperature) che semi ombreggiati (per alte temperature). Forniamo un terreno sciolto e ben drenato. Si accontenta delle acque piovane anche se nei periodi di prolungata siccità, annaffiamo regolarmente. Io consiglio sempre di coltivarlo nel nostro giardino perché cresce senza troppe attenzioni, bellissimo quando fiorisce e, per i più esperti, ottimo per preparare olii per scottature o infusi per il raffreddore.


Bought myself flowers for $2 lol 💐#flowersmakemesmile

Tänker hela tiden, nu är blommorna i trädgården slut. Men så tar jag mig en runda och kommer in med en liten bukett ändå! 💕

This is my very first and very loyal African violet. It has been with me for about 7-8 years and has gone through one house move and one office move. I have decided to keep it with me in the office permanently so I can stare at it all day especially when it’s in flower. 💚😍 #africanviolet

We offer a corporate flower service which means we can fill your London office with the most beautiful blooms possible. Did you know having flowers in your work space increase productivity, creativity and energy while boosting your mood and purifying the air? For more info, get in touch up top 👆

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