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Take me back to happy feelings, surrounded by flowers in the company of magical women. America you're just too much for me right now. #flowermeditation

My birthday tradition. Make a Lei! This year was a poepoe puakenikeni. #leilove #leiday #flowermeditation

Playing in the garden. The flowers🌺 are full and the bees 🐝are buzzing. #wildharvest #womenwhofarm #flowergirl #aromatherapy #flowermeditation

🌸Bloom where you are planted🌸 #flowermeditation #fallenfromthetrees #flowerscavenger

Just letting you know that recent scientific researches proved that flowers make people happy! So I am not the last of the romantics anymore, I'm actually an avant-garde artist that will save the world 😂😂 #flowers #flowergram #flowermeditation #happiness #thoughts

Flowers seem to be made to remember to become present in the moment. Okay beside the nectar for the bees 😂 Is this beauty real? The wonderful plant friends give everything. In colours so unbelievable powerful to attract our awareness. To pause and stand still for a moment. Thank you wonderful nature for helping us becoming more and more concious and awaken to the now 💚🏵. #conciousness #awareness #meditation #flowermeditation #natureknowsbest

Work isn't so bad when you get to hang with peonies all day and occasionally see a moose or a black bear shuffling along #alaska #magicabounds #flowermeditation


Two years ago, in July 2015 I got my Sogetsu ikebana teaching degree.
This calligraphy was my teacher’s gift to me: my ikebana name on rice paper. It is pronounced as Ton So. You cannot imagine how much I was looking forward to receiving my ikebana “baptism”. Here are the two main reasons why:

1. According to the tradition the first part of the name comes from my teacher’s name, which is Ton Sen. Being forever associated with this most humble, talented, caring person and artist is the greatest honor one could only dream of.
2. I was curious what will be the meaning of the second part of the name. What will my teacher select for me? How does she see my relationship with ikebana and my place in it?

I got the “So” part of the name given to me. It means "idea". And this is absolutely aligned with how I feel about ikebana: it is a creative environment for ideas. Crazy or elegant, emotional or peaceful, radical or classic – you can express it all in ikebana.

Sometimes I get asked “what if you run out of ideas one day?” and I typically answer that there is more of it where this came from.

None of the creative ideas are intellectually produced by us. We just manage to tune into the universal abundance and “download” the idea we need at that moment. It can never be over, can never be empty. Of course we could fall out of the alignment with it for a moment. But then we could always come back home and get in touch with the ultimate source of creativity again.

The most direct way of connecting for me is (you guessed it) arranging ikebana. You can call it ikebana meditation. I once wrote about it on my blog. Have a look if this topic is of interest for you http://ikebanaweb.com/ikebana-meditation/

This Moon Flower is opening tonight. Intending to show you some Live action. #pill #powerinlovinglife #moonflower #newness #bloom #cleanse #flowertherapymeditation #flowermeditation

Do you have a flower story? A story of a time when the power of a flower pierced your heart or awakened your soul or changed the way you see yourself and your place in this world?
If you were to come closer to flowers, how might they change your perception of yourself and who you know yourself to be?
Flowers hold an incredible ability to wake us up to the light within, to reflect back to us our tender, vulnerable soul nature, and to help us to see the light that is in all things.
Let's step into a conversation with a flower I draw for you. Today is the last day to purchase this flower study - a personalized lite study of you through the lens of nature’s beautiful creations - the realm of flowers.
Find out more here: www.juliedaley.com/flower-power
#flower #flowers #flowerstagram #flowersofinstagram #flowerpower #poweroftheflower #rose #roses #selfknowledge #inquiry #flowermeditation #awakening

Don't touch that little hour in the morning when I wake up to a silent house and I feel like I can do anything I want. Don't touch that cup of the coffee that I sip slowly and with great care whilst my little girl's eyes light up with a curious smile. Bless the laughing & jokes with my husband whilst he tells me of a very eventful night that I completely missed out because I can sleep...and he just cannot:). Don't touch that rush, excitement and running around the house screaming to get dressed & ready for the day. Leave me the mornings exactly as they are, full of yawning promises that something great is going to happen today #flowers #flowergram #closeup #flowermeditation #thoughts #morning #florist #studiolight

" Looking deeply into the flower, we are reminded that change occurs in each moment, within us and around us. We grow, the weather turns, the flower withers, but we are still ourselves in essence, the sky is still the sky and the flower remains a flower, long after its blossom fades." ---Lilian Cheung
A simple birthday gift from the hubbs😉🌹🏵🌱
#flowermeditation #impermanence #appreciatelife #appreciatenature #appreciateimpermanence #birthdaygift #simplejoysoflife #flowersofig #flowersofigram #igers #zen #buddhism #awareness #cultivation #wisdom #enlightenment #blessed #husbandgift #birthdaygirl #gratitude #golden #blessed #blessings

Playing in the garden. The flowers🌺 are full and the bees 🐝are buzzing. #wildharvest #womenwhofarm #flowergirl #aromatherapy #flowermeditation

The one hour flower meditation in motion: I was really inspired and a lot of drawings literally poured out of my hands and the pen to fill this little book within almost one hour... that was not only an amazing experience it inspired me a lot to test out many more drawing experiences #lovedrawing #drawing #drawingstyle #creative #blackandwhite #flower #flowermeditation #illustration #sketch #sketchbook

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