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Happy Sunday🌸☀️🌸☀️ to all🌸☀️🌸 - -Are you making some time for you today? 💕
~be well
Selfcare Sunday💕

Mini Review Time! 💁🏻‍♀️ This is @kocostarusa's Tulip Flower Mask Sheet. 🌷 I have always enjoyed Kocostar's slice masks for the fun experience, so, I was super excited to try these pretty flower ones. 💐The key ingredient of the mask is 10,000ppm Tulip extract for skin moisturizing, soothing and a calm and lively look. 💆🏻‍♀️ The mask comes with 2 sheets of 6 patches same with most of their slice masks. The patches came out the packaging soaked with sweet floral scented essence. The attachment was really good. 👍🏻 I had them on for 15mins. The areas that had the slices were hydrated and soft.😌 There was a little tackiness though. This one retails for about $5. I think it's really a fun mask to use. I would definitely recommend it if you have really dry spots on your face.😇.
Attachment: 4/5
Scent: 5/5
Results: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4/5
Received from @kocostarusa complimentary for review purposes.
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Pyjamas all day? No prob.! But don't forget to care for you skin. Kocostar Rose Mask Sheet for a young, fresh and smooth skin appearance! ❤️ 🌹 #kocostar #multimasking #youth #smoothness #moisture #beauty #kbeauty #skincare #mask #flowermask #rosepetals #pyjamasallday #bestoftheday

Isn't this flower mask collection from @kocostar one of the most romantic sheet mask ever?! I think it's super unique and beautiful, thank you @kocostarusa for sending this over. ---
🌷#Tulip Flower Mask
Contains 10,000ppm of Tulip extract to moisturizes and soothes the skin for a calm and lively look
[+Aloe leaf extract, Witch hazel extract, Beta-Glucan] .
🌻#Sunflower Flower Mask
Formulated with 10,000 ppm of Sunflower extracts to provide elasticity and firmness to the skin
[+Hydrolyzed Collagen, Milk protein extract]
🌷🌻Each pack contains 12 petals total with two different sizes. It's designed to be used anywhere on your body depends on your needs which I think is a pretty cool and convenient idea. Besides the Tulip and Sunflower, Rose is also available in this line for moisturizing+pores care.
🌷🌻Each petals soaked up a good amount of essence and stayed on well for about 25 minutes. I also tried placing some on my neck but it seems to show difficulty adhering there. Given that I was moving around, that could be the case but the petals on the face stayed moist the whole application. It'd be nice though if the bag is resealable so I can save the extras for later. .
I was excited to find out about the scent and I wasn't disappointed. Sunflower one smells like a big bouquet packed with floral notes while Tulip one is calmer and clean like scented soap.
🌷🌻They both feel very moisturizing and together with hydrogenated castor oil, the finish is semi-tacky giving a hydrated, dewy face. The leftover essence is abundant so I suggest using a cotton sheet to soak up those for some more masking. I honestly didn't notice the difference of the result between the two mask but I'd prefer Tulip one because the Sunflower one gives a tingling sensation to my skin when I first applied. Nonetheless it was so much fun and cute. Definitely a must-try if you're looking for something different in your masking time! .
Available @kocostarusa 5USD
*PR gift All opinions are my own.

🌼 today’s flower workshop 🌼 #flowermask #helsinkidesignschool #greatday #sofun

“The impulse to adorn ourselves with flowers is as old as civilization itself” @gosharubchinskiy shoots @tmagazine with @melzy917 #flowerart #flowermask #gosharubchinskiy #melottenberg @joshuawerber headpiece

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