Finally i did a ref for my boy!
▪Name: Navata Naipe
▪Gender: Male
▪Sexuality: straight ▪Species: Mutt (mix of many dogs breeds)
▪Status: Single.
▪Personality: friendly, kind, careful, loyal, curious, innocent,very brave,Extroverted, independent, inquisitive, adventurous, supportive, a bit stubborn, orderly, patient, sassy, responsable, mature, intelligent, honest, playful.
▪Likes: Little things, tea, help to others, tell the truth ,heal peoples, candies, cookies, make his friends feel better, do new friends, adventures, play.
▪Dislikes: lost the time, have to ask for help, peoples doing things for him, negative peoples, estereotipes.
▪Extra: He use the bandanas which he wear on his legs for heal wounds, the Hatter give him pieces of cloth and he gave him his hat and all his accessories, have a collection of keys.
Everybody in wonderland had fear of him because he have the sign of the peack and you know what the sign of Peack want mean.
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Flowerblaze new desing!
▪Name: Flowerblaze
▪past names: Flowerkit/flowerpaw
▪Nickname: Flower
▪Gender: female
▪Sexuality: bisexual
▪Species: Mix of mainecoon cat with red lynx.
▪Rank: warrior
▪Clan: jewel clan
▪Father: lionclaw. (Lynx)
▪Mother: Sandheart (mainecoon)
▪Sister: Leafbreeze
▪Adoptive brother: Dusttail
▪Half-brother: Frostclaw
▪Likes: wind, flowers (Roses), fishes, forest sounds, wolves, rain, her friends, stay alone (sometimes), soft noises, warm weather, cold weather, wet grass, swim, do flower crowns with Blackstorm and Echomoon, night, hunt for her clan, play with kits and patrol alone.
▪Personality: quient, grumpy, bitter (sometimes), brave, caring, affectionate, kind, rude, strong, serious, protective, temperamental,
▪Dislikes: spyders, Day, thunders, be harassed, insults, discriminate, smug warriors, being compared with her father, telling her that she is not capable of doing, touch her hair, unpleasant comments towards her, criticism, liars.
▪Extra info: She does not have self-esteem, Her claws can't be retracted because they are very long and if she takes them out completely you will be surprised to see how long and sharp they are, she is considered one of the biggest and bravest warriors of all the clans, she hates being the center of attention, her eyes change color when it's cold they change from being pink to blue like her fur changes from brown to gray, she has a firepower that is transferred by her collar and only uses it in emergencies or useful moments but does not use it in wars against other clans since it would be unfair.
#flowerblaze_ocs #flowerblazefursonas #flowerblazethewarrior

Lowen voice
Song: gingerbread (melanie martinez)
Gender : female.
Sexuality: homosexual.
"Part of flowerblaze history"

Riva voice
Song: criminal(Britney Spears)
Gender : female "Part of flowerblaze history "

Everybody meet Navata and Poker!
They two are brothers, they are from the same litter
(They are four pupps/two sisters and two brothers).
I finally found a name for the second one :')
Poker desing and art by @yukisenshiwolf ! (Thanks so much! I really love him❤)
Navata desing and art by me @xxflowerblazexx ! (He is male)
[❌•Don't copy/trace/steal/or referce this art❌•]

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New boy from @yukisenshiwolf ! Again, thanks for trade with me!
I need a name for this boy, anybody can give me name suggestions?
#flowerblaze_ocs #flowerblaze_wonderland_ocs

She is Samantha go to my ocs account for know more about her @xxflower_blazexx_ocs

Which is the best? 1 or 2 ? Comment please :3

I decided got me this characters because he was are aviable for 250 points and later send one better photo to the owner but well nothing want him, but me yes ok. Later I chose one name for this guy :3

This are the family of peggy my new oc, (all are new ocs what I make, I don't adopt they, exept the Brown whit green eyes I adopt him in @adoptables_comision)

New oc !
Name : Oreo
Gender : female
Sexuality : heterosexual
Thanks : @sailorshade_adopts
I draw her now X3

Remake old ocs
Name: Jazzy
Gender : female
Sexuality : heterosexual
Species : Cheshire cat
Likes : disappear,run,eat,play,light,.
Dislikes : coconut, dogs, smoke, shadow.
Personality : cheeky, funny, friendly, curious, kind,brave,.

I remake one old oc
Name: max
Gender : male
Species : Zombi cat
Sexuality : heterosexual
He don't eat cats just birds,rats,mauses,etc.
Likes : sun,rain,look,shine,other cats.
Dislikes : thunders, shadow, angry cats, dark,.
Personality : funny, friendly, kind, playful, loving, brave, caring and strong.

My kwami dappled

Lily New oc


Finish ref for peggy remember the info of my characters go to my oc account @xxflower_blazexx_ocs

Oh my good I finish my oc ref X''>

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