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#TruthAboutMarriage: πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ€΅πŸ»
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I've had countless people tell me how they think marriage will fix their relationship with their boyfriend. And I've also had countless people tell me that marriage is a burden, and that life ends when marriage starts. β›“
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Marriage is not a burden. Marriage does not "fix" things. Marriage isn't just a game you can play for a little bit and then quit. πŸ™…πŸ½
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Marriage is a gift. Marriage takes work, but it enhances life. Marriage is a union between two separate people that become one flesh in the eyes of God forever. πŸ’‘
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β€’ Maybe you're in a relationship and something in you KNOWS he's not it, but you're holding on (like I've done MULTIPLE times).
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β€’ Maybe you don't see yourself ever getting married because you've only seen marriage end in destruction.
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β€’ Maybe you're married but you still feel so alone in your relationship.
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β€’ Maybe you stress out all the time because you don't think you'll ever find your "one," or maybe you feel inadequate to be a wife.
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Well, my advice for all of these scenarios is to put Jesus at the center of your life, and TRUST Him. He knows your story and your outcomes already! Don't hold on to relationships just to please someone else. Pain will come, but the reward will be so much greater when you're obedient to what God actually has for you! You're never alone, and God CAN heal and restore your brokenness. And don't let the world tell you who you're gonna be as a wife. You get to decide that. Just because someone else is experiencing broken relationships does not mean yours has to be that way too. Marriage is the BEGINNING of such a beautiful life together if you allow it to be. πŸ’‘
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πŸ“· @donnyzavalaphotography
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Tag a girlfriend to encourage! And TELL ME: if you're married (tag your hubby) - what's your favorite part? And if you're not, what's your favorite part about weddings? πŸ‘‡πŸ½

I'm pretty sure I might have the cutest wedding dateπŸ’™πŸ’š

our house is featured on my favorite blog EVER @thejungalow! link in profile if you want to check it out!
photos by @trenholmphoto

#floridawedding with my best friend and hubby @jalva335i ❀️ #indianwedding

We were so thrilled to participate in this tropical inspired shoot with @jessicabellphotog and a ton of other amazing vendors! //tap photo for tags!


Loved this dessert display. Mini pies are the cutest (and delish)! 🍰

That kiss under palm grove walkway! Congratulations to Kristina and John at @fsmiami #wedding #brideandgroom #thekiss #fourseasonsmiami #miamiwedding #floridawedding #fourseasonswedding make up @rachelsbrides DJ and entertainment @lrentertainment Flowers @designswithart

Pictured: the new Mr. and Mrs. Fowler just before the big send-off at the conclusion of their amazing wedding. Not pictured: my awesome and extremely patient husband and assistant Brendan, who was running around like a sneaky ninja, ducking in and out the frame waving sparklers in both hands over and over, repeatedly painting the night with light to help make this photo come to life. :) This photo required quite a few takes to get it right, and between Brendan's willingness to run around like a maniac with sparklers and Joe and Ashley's patience with standing very very still and smooching for what seemed like forever in a field outside of the venue...teamwork makes the dream work, y'all. Just in case I haven't mentioned it lately: I have the best clients (and the best husband) in the whole darn world. Man, I love my job. :) #rachelsullivanphotography #rspweddings #3mranchandevents #bushnell #floridaphotographer #floridawedding #weddingphotography #sparklers #fowlerkeithwedding #joeandashley #canon #ashleyandjoe2017

Love all the smiles I see when I edit weddings. 😍#smoakingprinces #floridawedding #rockquarrywedding #springwedding

"A Bosnian/Russian wedding.. They danced all night. The funny thing was when I played Russian songs the bride's side of the family got on the dance floor and when I played Bosnian music the groom's side of the family took over, it was a hilarious, fun night." DJ Josh Cannon

Being a wedding photographer is amazing!!! I get to travel to the most romantic and dreamy locations, work with the most stylish and amazing couples. But what you don't see is after every session I'm usually covered in ant bites, I'm sweaty, I'm running around like a crazy person to get different angles etc... But when I get home, download the session and get images like this..... It's so worth it!!! Every, Single, ant bite is worth it!!!

Working my way through spring wedding edits one beautiful bouquet at a time! πŸ’#bouquets #springwedding #floridawedding

Mr. & Mrs. headed to the beach!

Some days consist of more reminiscence than others. I love those days. I look back over years of imagery, years of taking an idea, creating a vision, designing and styling, down to the very execution of that vision and I can remember how I felt, who I was with, and what I was thinking in those exact moments. Day to day life, I honestly struggle to remember what I did yesterday but artistry forces me to be fully present, in every aspect. It forces me to not only see the beauty before me, but to seek and create more from it. Those concepts are now pouring into my life everyday. I've come to adore this journey, which is something that doesn't come easily to us as humans. We want so badly to arrive, that we forget we have never and will never truly arrive at all in this life. To not fear growth, to find contentment and peace in this unceasing process; what freedom there is in those things.

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