The days of nerding out on the beach are soon to be over...
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The last issue of Spring 2018 is on newsstands now! 🗞❤️Check out the feature on Florida Tech’s new SGA President. Get some parting advice from top graduating seniors. There’s even a recipe for cherry apple pork chops... 🍎 #floridatech #thecrimson #studentrun #newspaper #sga #president #graduating #seniors #recipes #tuesdaynewsday

The SUB Cafe is my favorite place to grab a morning cup of coffee and prep for my busy day! What do y’all do for breakfast? #floridatech #coffee

DJ BFF'S 4EVAH🎧 👨‍💻👩‍💻💃🕺🎵🎶🔊🍹🍻🌴🌡🚽

Today we highlight The Weaver. 💪🏼As an element in our Aerial Assault Obstacle Course, the task here is to "weave" yourself between the horizontal beams. (Over one, under the next and so forth.) 👉🏼If that doesn't sound challenging enough you do this all the way up and then all the way down. 😱 👉🏼Pictures shown are from two separate days; some from the University of Tampa ROTC Cadets we have seen the last two posts and a few from our very own FIT ROTC Cadets who utilize the course. 👉🏼While this element is open to the public, we demonstrate the weaving (there are numerous methods and variations) and you can try it on the lower beams with a spotter. 👉🏼From there you can "bear crawl" to the top and transition to a crab crawl to safely come back down. 🙈Fear of heights be warned, but overcoming that fear is worth it!

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Hey everyone!
My name is Becca Candelaria and I’m taking over My Florida Tech for the week!
A little bit about me... I am wrapping up my junior year and am majoring in forensic psychology with a minor in prelaw. I plan on going to law school and working in child advocacy.
Those who know me say I have an incredibly busy schedule everyday, and it’s absolutely true. I have been in Student Government for 3 years and have served as the President this past academic year. I am also heavily involved in other organizations, including honor societies, It’s On Us, and Florida Tech’s Spirit Program with cheer and dance.
I can’t wait to share my week with you all!
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Hi there Valued Copy Center Customer,
Did we help you this year? If so, tell us how we did, we would like to get your feedback so we can improve our products and services. Our Survey closes Monday May1st, so don't delay! We would love to get your opinion. (Copy and paste link in your browser to get started.) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/fitcopycenter
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And so it begins...Last week of classes

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