Blessing y’all with baby Janine on her 1st birthday being that my 23rd is in basically 2 days. 🎈2️⃣3️⃣🖤
I still give people this disapproving look. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Been doing it since ‘95. 😉
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Warm nights and giggles and popsicles and Chloe .
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A message to all of our beauty bosses: Refer a friend and you both get rewarded😘 Thank you for sharing the lash love! 💕 If you’re in the Tampa area, drop a heart in the comments so we can give you a follow!! 👇🏼

Though she be little she is fierce.
Isabelle is 11 Months! I cannot believe she will be 1 year in a month! Entering toddlerhood 😄😭 She has 6 teeth
ALMOST walking
Loved to rough house she doesn’t care how big you are
Shes got a personality
Her smile will brighten your day
Still loves food (especially if it’s on someone else’s plate)
She’s a snuggle bug
She HATES sleep
She loves grabbing noses
Love my sweet peanut this year has flown by! ❤️❤️❤️

"We are moved by the love shared for our destination. Orlando remains a place that welcomes everyone." via @VisitOrlando
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YALL. It’s time for a transformation!First, like whaaat 😱 Second, I literally just shocked myself.. Last, this is in a span of only 5 months!! I’m telling you becoming a coach and running my own biz with this opportunity has made me hold myself accountable and I have seen some awesome results because of that 🙌🏼 if you feel like you’re just needing something more in your life, reach out to me and I’ll hook ya up.. or go to the link in my bio!! #babessupportbabes #girlsencouraginggirls #transformationtuesday #trainandchampagne #floridagirls #saltsprings #coachingamazingwomen #joinmyteam #jaxgirls

“Small setbacks set you up for stronger comebacks” 🖤 •
Great quote from my nutritional guru @ilanamuhlsteinrd 🙌

It certainly was a bit of a transition for me getting back into my Florida gym routine… I was doing the workouts, but my heart was not in them… I was just sort of going through the paces 🤨

That is what you have to do sometimes, to stay committed to your goals… When the motivation is just simply not there 😶

But the last few days, I have been shifting back into *effortful* and *heart-full* workouts...enjoying the moves and challenging myself along the way… so glad to have made it over the hump and I am back to enjoying moving my body! 💓

You may not always enjoy it, but that is where the commitment and accountability is so important… It will carry you through until you feel the joy again 🦅

The point is...just don’t give up 🖤 #thisis35 #findyourstrong #shipshape

Welp! It’s official! My youngest is a freshman in high school! 😭She and her #BFF had to experience #first day together!!! 😳🤷🏾‍♀️😂 That first pic on right is from third grade!! #prayingwomenwin #firstdayofschool #flemingisland #jacksonville #bestiesforlife #floridagirls #florida #gorgeous #cheermom

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Swipe~> This is my bestfriend Maddie!! She is honestly the sweetest person ever she is so supportive and kind she’s been there for me through everything and has supported my goals and dreams. She so funny and easy to talk to she’s also very trustworthy and honest she’s always been happy for me when I’ve succeeded she’s helped me with confidence too!! Love u Maddie‼️💋 @ohlalamaddie_official @izzybeclothing #IzzyBeInfluencer #izzybebff
This made my day❤❤❤ Thank you for being such a sweet friend. So blessed that our paths have crossed. You will always be a special friend of mine. Stay sweet and beautiful! Hope to see you again soon. xoxo Never stop chasing those dreams!

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For years I have been following women in the health and fitness community on instagram and watched them transform into these healthier, happier versions of themselves. I envied them.

Sure, I would go on a run here and there or do some sit ups every now and then but nothing was ever consistent. I have started and stopped so many workout and fad diets that I couldn’t even try to keep count.🤦‍♀️

Once I decided to join the challenge group that started July 9th I knew I had to give it my all this time. I was tired of watching someone else get the results that I wanted for myself.

In 5 weeks, I have not missed a single workout. I have consistently followed my meal plan even while on vacation and out of town for work.👏🏼

I made a decision to make a change and I stuck to it (for once) and the reward has been amazing! My body is showing the hard work 💪🏼I am putting in and my mental health is benefiting from it as well!

Seeing and feeling how this lifestyle shift has affected me, I just want to share it! If you want help getting started or getting back on track, fill out the link in my bio or DM me!👯‍♀️
#babessupportbabes #transformationtuesday

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