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@JLo celebrating her 47th birthday, practically in her birthday suit!! PerezHilton.com/JenniferLopez

Солнце не самый лучший друг для кожи🌞, а если там, где вы отдыхаете - очень жарко, то ваша кожа вообще может стать обезвоженной!😩
Я конечно не косметолог, и на эту роль не претендую, но отдыхаю достаточно часто, а значит знаю , что будет если за кожей не ухаживать🌞😭Как ухаживать за кожей на море?
1. Защита кожи. Во первых с собой необходимо взять крем с spf для лица. ( я беру spf 50 и 30. Clinique, La ROCHE posay, знаю что есть и у других фирм очень хорошие 🙌🏼)
2. Очищение кожи. Можно использовать любое молочко для чувствительной кожи/ пенку/ или увлажняющий гель. Средства не должны пересушивать кожу во время очищения, а должны помогать увлажнить кожу!🤝
3. Увлажнение кожи после загара. Вечером , после очищения необходимо использовать восстанавливающий крем. У меня обычный крем с алое, который прекрасно постанавливает и продаётся практически во всех магазинах косметики( и в других странах тоже) С ним я не переживаю что моя кожа будет обезвоженной , потому что алое ее отлично восстанавливает. ( кстати, на ночь могу нанести что-то пожирнее)
Я вам рассказала про основные пунктики👌🏽 что касается конкретно меня, я ещё беру с собой маску для лица(восстанавливающую или супер увлажняющую любой фирмы, например La Roshe Posay или KIEHL'S- ночная увлажняющая маска, иногда могу заменить маску сметаной), также беру а собой увлажняющий тоник, которым протираю лицо после каждого умывания ☝🏼 Вроде обо всем рассказала😻 Скоро напишу про волосы😻
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A little over a month ago, I woke up one day, quit my job at OfficeMax (I was a customer service manager), and went back to sleep.
By 1 o'clock my phone was ringing off the hook! "What the FUCK did I just do" ,I thought.
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It hasn't been easy at all. I work hard everyday so when I turn 30, I can make money while I'm sleeping. Wouldn't that be nice?
A lot of people run away from Commission.
I was one of them at first.
But I had quickly learned that life is commission.
What you put in, is exactly what you will get out.
You'll feel defeated a few times, helll yeah.
But you'll also win too.
Do you want to learn the hard way or the easy way?
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It may change your life.
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Out here in Little Havana 🇨🇺🥁🎶🎺💃
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Took a walk around Palm Beach this morning, staying at @TheBrazilianCourt for two days, love the location, only a couple blocks from the beach. Here's a shot from my drone looking down Worth Avenue, with a nice view of the West Palm Beach skyline in the background, this was shortly after sunrise this morning.


Miami Beach 🇺🇸💕 #usa #florida #miami #beach #goodmorning #happy

Have a few large and xl left.paypal 20$ brentdwyer@yahoo.com friends n fam put ure address and size in the ,notes..thx. #chopperpartsforyou #cpfu #daytona #florida #choppershit #420 #insta #chopcult #bobber #chopperswapper #chopper #harley - #insta #fashion

Florida flamingo fashion.
#flamingo #florida

I swear it was Friday like five minutes ago 🤷🏻‍♀️ #monday - Link in Bio

#tarponsprings #Florida #Greece #greek town #spongedocks #gulf #sea #coast fresh #grilled #octopus and fried #calimari and the #galilee #boat working for over 100 years

@wynthedestroyer was a unique client, to say the least. It is certainly interesting doing work for your very own spouse. This project was probably the first time we realized we had completely different aesthetics. Fortunately, we were able to find the overlap with his appreciation of motion and pattern and my affection for the minimal. This logo reminds me of those early days in our marriage when we were getting our feet wet in just about everything. We were still in college, had just bought a house and had our first baby. He was delving deep into the world of modular synthesizers and filling our home with experimental, robotic compositions. I still remember the happy dance he did when his bright, orange Monorocket Synth case was delivered and he could finally start building and organizing his #eurorack. It was during this time that he completed his first digital album as @wynthedestroyer and I remember how proud I felt to see him work incredibly hard to accomplish a huge, self-gratifying goal. He's taught me to dream big with confidence and to pursue passions that bring the kind of inspiration that keeps you fueled with life-giving energy.

Na'vi River Journey 🎋

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