14 Bewitching Halloween Arrangements with Midnight Foam
Black is elegant

Think of Midnight as the little black dress of floral foam. While green foam is still the workhorse, black foam takes designs upscale. You’re not going to wear it everywhere, but everyone should have it in their repertoire.

And black and Halloween go together like pretty and flowers.

Will your customers ask you for designs in black floral foam this season? If you show them the possibilities with designs in your in-store and online.

To help you bewitch your prospects, here are 14 Halloween and fall designs using Midnight, six of them with recipes, along with floral mechanics tips.

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14 Bewitching Halloween Arrangements with Midnight Foam - It’s the same strong product.

Midnight foam has the same density as our MaxLife green floral foam. This stability allows you to insert a Cowee wood pick into fresh gourds and pumpkins and the other end into water-saturated floral foam. The pick will swell when wet and help to secure the accent pieces.

The black floral foam extends the look of the black metal band that encircles the top of these black-rubbed raffia containers creating larger arrangements without adding more flowers.

Midnight foam works great in a brick tray as well as shown in the photo below. The floral foam and tray are both black so they recede visually, leaving only the bright flowers to capture the eye.

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14 Bewitching Halloween Arrangements with Midnight Foam - Another advantage of black foam?

Another advantage of using black foam as the core of your design? As the fresh flowers fade and are removed, the open black spaces add depth to the design. (Florists often ask if Midnight floral foam is like Rainbow Foam. The answer is no. Rainbow foam was very dense and didn’t saturate with water very well.) Midnight maintains all the positive design qualities of our classic green foam in upscale black. It saturates well and has enhanced biodegradability.

In these pumpkin designs, Midnight floral foam is exposed as a part of the overall design. The flowers are openly spaced so that the black foam shows through, adding depth to the designs.

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Ready-made accessories that provide intricate detail in seconds. OASIS™ Beaded Wire, Button Wire and Chain will add a finishing touch to your design.

7 Must-Try Floral Techniques to add Beauty with Branches -
Personalize your designs

Today’s consumer is drawn to products perceived to be customized rather than mass-produced. You can personalize your designs by using textural materials native to your area.

A mix of fresh and dried flowers offers a tactile blend of surfaces to prove that opposites attract. Rough and smooth. Large and small. Shiny and matte. Round and linear.

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Create feel-good designs: Differentiate with detail -

Add unique detailing by utilizing banding (using a decorative material to encircle a stem or stems) to update basic containers you already have in stock.

Encircle the container with a band of UGLU and cover it with a natural material like the natural moss wrap and raffia shown on the container above or a strip of woodland bark.

Add a band of UGLU to clear utility vases and press on fall leaves, natural wraps, corn husks, branches or twigs to the outside of the glass. Secure with tightly wound bind wire or rustic wire.

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Create feel-good designs -
Add dimension to designs

Add layers of floral mesh to a vertical arrangement to elongate and widen the design. The see-through mesh incorporates more horizontal space into the arrangement without making the slender composition look visually heavy.

Twist a flexible wire armature into a clear glass vase and tuck in some free-flowing branches to add visual energy to a freeform design, one that cannot be defined as another style.

Rinse the soil from a sansevieria (aka mother-in-law’s tongue). Insert Cowee wood picks into the base of the plant on one end and the wet foam on the other. The wood pick will swell in the water-saturated foam and help hold the plant in place.

Place the sansevieria in the center of the design as the focal point of the composition. Insert long limbs such as these rosehip branches into the design to create the form. Fill in the base of the arrangement with flowers.

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7 Must-Try Floral Techniques to add Beauty with Branches

Autumn is awesome with possibilities for adding seasonal materials to your floral arrangements.

But there’s more to creating captivating fall flower designs than just incorporating the colors and textures of the season.

Adding a linear element like branches allows you to expand the space of a floral composition. You’re adding dimension while creating a visual connection to the outdoors.

Here are seven techniques (plus a twig-tree project from Smithers-Oasis Floral Design Director Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD, PFCI you can try) that will enable you to turn twigs and branches into seasonal beauty your customers will want to bring indoors.

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4 Practically Magic Black Foam Wedding Designs - Exposed foam as design.

Seeing is believing.

This lush design was created atop a plate glass pedestal, like what you’d use to display a cake, with the Midnight foam fully exposed.

That’s right, there’s no vessel at all!

After creating the design in a grande brick, it was simply placed atop the pedestal.

We all know from doing sympathy designs that inserting stems into foam does displace some water. We also know the dripping subsides quickly.

So as Frank did, I invite you to give something new a try. You never know, maybe you didn’t need to buy that expensive vessel after all.

Keeping it simple is actually simple now!

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Adds sparkle, shimmer and texture to arrangements with 12 gauge aluminum wire faceted with diamond cuts.

Copper, Carnations and Bark Floral Centerpiece

Fresh Ingredients
10 Stems Orange Miniature Callas
1 Bunch Orange Rannunculus
3 Stems Burgundy Hypericum Berry
6 Stems Burgundy Carnations

OASIS Ingredients
14-1/4″ Spring Valley Hurricane
3′ OASIS™ 1″ Flat Wire, Copper
1 roll OASIS™ Bark Wrap, Woodland
6 OASIS® UGLU™ Adhesive, Dashes

See this and other recipes: oasisfloralproducts.com/Ideas/recipe/365

How to Make Upscale Artisan Jewelry from Floral Wire - Our love of jewelry is timeless

Society’s love of jewelry is timeless. In existence 7000 years before Christ, through the Middle Ages and into the Modern Era, jewelry has been worn, collected and even used as currency for transactions.

Through the centuries, wealthy classes often differentiated themselves by the jewels they wore. The term jewel has remained synonymous with societal wealth, power, rank and status.

Whether you want to make and sell jewelry in your business depends on your inclination, available time and how much you believe it will differentiate you from your competition and increase profits.

Varito hopes to expand his opportunities to travel and teach designers across the country in the art of wirework. He encourages other florists to “never lose the opportunity to try to start something new.” Read more on our blog: https://goo.gl/ghnttV

Midnight Foam! The perfect foundation for any floral design. Available in a variety of sizes and densities for use in everyday designs or large event pieces. Now all OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife has enhanced biodegradability!

Now available on our website for purchase!

How to Make Upscale Artisan Jewelry from Floral Wire -

Materials and technique - “I may have a stone, glass bead or other material that I want to cover with wire to form the focal point of my design, using wire to complement, cover or hold the item in place,” he explains. With this option he can add or subtract materials as the design evolves.

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