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Early this morning I jumped into a sealed capsule with 1,200 pounds of epsom salt to float some pain away and enjoy the benefits of magnesium, followed by being electrocuted with acupuncture needles, and then tortured with ART to get my body healthy again. I may not be a professional athlete or good at any one thing, but if I have any defining quality it's that I train with the greatest efficacy and the ability to endure anything. They told me in the ER I wouldn't be able to run this marathon, I said "fuck that, I'm running it". "THEY" say a lot of shit, don't ever listen to them. The human mind is more powerful than we know, and when you put it to work you can do ANYTHING, including heal, repair, rebuild, endure, and push forward. #roadtorecovery

••• Swipe Right 👉••• Incredible experience at a beautifully designed space. Thank you @floatstation for having us! No better place to float if you live in the Bay Area. New video and pre-float prep guide coming soon...👀
#mindpump #floattank #sensorydeprivation

Escape from the noise in the sanctuaries we have created for you.🌱 Time to yourself could be just what you need to feel revitalised and level headed. Jump on to our website and see how we could help get you on the right track to overall well being. #citycave

First time Float tank and oxygen bar. I am always trying different modalities for self care. Float tank therapy has a lot of benefits from alleviating stress, pain, obtaining mental clarity, creativity, peacefulness, better sleep list goes on. I couldn't get myself to fully let go but I hear once you do it's magical 🦄 at some locations they offer Free Float to veterans on the 11th of the month #truerestfloatspa #wellness #selfcare #floattank

@pausefloatstudio thanks for the amazing experience! I feel lighter and more clear after my 1 hour float session. I was able to access very deep spaces within my mind and body. The salt water kept me easily afloat, and the feeling was surreal. #meditate #healing #floattank #float #losangeles

next level #unfollowclub stage . we got a #floattank and this is 1200 pounds of high quality epsom salt . told ya #mindsetnotband or better #mindsetbeforebrand 🙏🏼🐺🙏🏼


SWEAT DETOX | 🔥Vibrosauna.
Everyday we poison ourselves... with pollution... preservatives... alcohol (hopefully not too much) and other stuff. Throwing up is one way of getting it out, but that’s only the bad stuff in your tummy. You need to get it out of your bloodstream, your lymphatic system, your liver and other areas. There is an easier and more enjoyable way... Vibrosauna. Sessions available hourly, ☎️ to book or book via 💻📲

Had a blast today with the brother in iron @kevmasson. Started the day off right smashing some weights in the Florida sunshine @thegymftl .Crushed a post-workout ketogenic lunch and then went off to biohack!
Tested out two novel recovery modalities over at @allure_floats. First up was a much needed detoxing infrared sauna. After sweating it out it was time to float. Hopped in the float tank aka sensory deprivation chamber and blocked out the world for an hour. Pretty trippy stuff, be on the lookout soon for future posts that dig a little deeper into the science of these dope technologies.
Hope you weekend has been as adventurous as mine! NFL Sunday tomorrow Fitfam! Stay swole!!!

I floated for the second time ever, twice this week and I’m hooked. These guys in Yaletown are top notch.

I went into a float tank for the first time...


For one hour, I got to enjoy being completely weightless in salt water, a wonderful change from my ever-growing fight with gravity these days. 👌🏼 •
I was floating in total darkness, wearing only ear plugs and a hair tie!

The silence was deafening.

The outside world was gone... It was just me and my 30-week bowling ball... 🤰🏻 •
I actually felt the waves from my little boys' kicks THROUGH the water!! Whoaaaaa 🌊 •
It was a trip.

I'm feeling better than good after that, it's I'm like flying on a whole different level now!! ✨ •
Has anyone ever "floated" before? I need to do this again... 😊

Image via @travel_thrdplanet 🙌

ATHLETIC RECOVERY | @melbournevixensofficial @emily_mannix 🏐🏆
#MINDBODYSALT | Open 9am - 6pm today lovelies
Star ✨Vixens netballer @emily_mannix using the private open float pool in her athletic program. We love having the opportunity to support local elite athletes through the studios services. ⭐️ 📆Today's Float schedule: 9:00am • 10:30am • 12:00pm • 1:30pm • ⛔️all booked out the rest of today⛔️ ❄️Salt therapy sessions available on the hour, every hour, all day long. 💧Aqua-Massage sessions are 40 mins and available on the hour all day. 36 Water jets on your body = OMG 😲 🔥Vibrosaun sessions available all day to sweat out those toxins ☢️💦 To book please 📞 (03) 42228176 or book now via 📱💻

What color in the pod is your favorite? Respond with a comment to enter to win a free float!!🙌💦 We will pick a winner on 9/30. Get 2 entries if you comment on Facebook and Instagram.👍 Tag your friends who you think would like to participate. ✅

Meet our fabulous & certified CranioSacral Therapist Liz. Between training for triathlons and taking care of business(x2), she is highly trained and talented Float master and CranioSacral Therapist.
Try out a 15 minute Cranio session before your float to enhance relaxation and improve your overall float experience. For more info on the benefits of CranioSacral Therapy, give us a call at 204 294 9890 or check out our website.

How I feel after floating🙏🏼😹#floattank #meditation #blissedout

There's a moment after you get in the tank and settle in where your heart beat is the only thing you feel. It slowly goes from beat to hum and you tune in to your frequency. Your heartbeat is your inner mantra. Your heartbeat is your Om. You are a vibration. #float #floating #floattank #floattherapy #floatlife #disconnect #reconnect #innerpeace #introspection #happy #hippy

Opening your mind and body on this beautiful Saturday morning 🙏🏼
#Repost @awakenedconsciouscollective
Follow: @the_law_of_one In each infinitesimal part of your self resides the One in all of Its power.
-Ra -The Law Of One ❤️💛💚💙💜💗
#TheLawOfOne #LawOfOne
ARTIST: @louisdyer
#detox #workout #crossfit #lifting #legday #cardio #nike #reebok #socal #oc #orangecounty #laguna #newportbeach #huntingtonbeach #floating #recovery #meditation #wellness #healing #relaxation #epsomsalt #floattank #massage #therapy #organic #health #clearmind

A very floaty repost from @thegrindbar #FloatVibes

Wonderful #firsttime experience in an #isolationtank / #sensory deprivation tank! Amazing opportunity to #meditate #breathe #relax #enjoy #true #oneness at this #lightless, #soundproof tank with high epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) content filled with #saltwater at skin temperature #floattank

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