Verified @suzukioutboards Performance Data for the @twinvee_powercats OceanCat 230 JP Center Console with medium power (Twin Suzuki 115 HP). All Buras Marine Boats are arriving with max power - Twin Suzuki 140 HP. Performance Data coming soon.

Call the Buras Marine Team to reserve your new Twin Vee 230 today. (410) 220-0504 or 0509.

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Flat to sporty in a blink of an eye 🤷🏻‍♂️

First Sail for @garretrichards on Toruń 30HG and Star Rod Plasma. @grundens definitely came in clutch Last weekend. Kept us dry and warm. Last weekend was an emotional roller coaster. We lost 2 kites. One to one of the corners of the cite broke and needs to be retied, the other one we lost due to the kite reel having frayed line (we respooled it the day before we went out as well). I also lost a great friend. Zachary O’Quinn was too young. His life ended last Friday to a drunk driver that swerved into his lane and killed him. Rest easy Zach. I know you’re up there keeping us safe. 🙏🏼


Swipe right➡️⏩👉Redemption! After trailering down to pompano and running out of Hillsboro inlet to snotty conditions and way too much wind to fly a regular SFE kite last weekend, we made the trip back down Monday and tried once again conditions were better but bait was no where to be found, a quick trip to LHP marina for some @954livebait Gogs and we were fishing. Managed to put Collin on his first sail, boxed a Blackfin for dinner, a couple big hammerheads lost a sail on the ever popular spro jig/ballyhoo combo all in all a good day!
#strikezonefishing #seaveeboats #seavee320 #suzukimarine #suzukidf350a #floatontrailers #shimanoreels #torium30 #talica16ii #tiagra50w #tanacom1000 #sfekites #powerpro #diamondfishingproducts @954livebait @seaveeboatsofficial @suzukioutboards @floatontrailers

Fish-Tale Marina, Fort Myers -Just arrived. In town for the Mako Owners Fishing Funament this Friday and Saturday.#mako_boats; #makoboats #goboldly #bassproshops #floatontrailers #acrartex #fortmyersbeach @starbrite_com

Another Hillsboro trip done and we did somewhat decent. Sunday we left the ramp at 5:30, tried to find bait, unsuccessful, blue runners and gogs were hard to find. We went out high speeding out of boca inlet area, nada thing. We headed to the marina got 1 dozen gogs (one was missing a left eye and only swam to the right 🤦🏻‍♂️) and went to the port and caught 4 dozen finger mullet and a gentleman on a 28 contender gave us 4 more gogs and another guy gave us another 2 dozen mullet (shout out to those 2) we met up with the family at dinner at Bokampers and Collin, Edmund, and I (Jacob) moored up the the buoy off commercial for the night where we woke up to a boats wake that came over the bow and wet us all (probably shouldn’t put the beanbags on the front) 6:30 Monday we decided to go out far and troll, wave spacing was weird so we decided to just troll all the way out from 500 feet. I slept for an hour then Edmund decided he wanted to sleep so he made me drive, I asked him how deep/far to go out he said keep going just zigzag north/south. He didn’t realize how long he slept. When he saw that Bimini was closer that Florida on the chart plotter 🤣. We called it there and decided to head in and kite fish. Fist bite was a sail on a 3/8 oz spro jig with a mullet on it, they seem to love that jig with any bait on the back, even hit it when it has wire on it. We lost that one, spit the hook, then on the short line on the kite a shark hit it and we just cut the line once at the boat, then the mid line we got a little black fin, then we got Collin on his first sailfish. The bait it hit was the long line with a gog on it. The spool was already half gone and it took off. We could see the back of the spool. We chased it down, landed it, and released it safely. Yes we have the permit for it anyway so don’t hate for us taking it out of the water. We didn’t do too how this trip but at least we didn’t get skunked. Hopefully we can get the pattern down and do better next time.

Spotted @usp_marine_tuning 😉

Just one of those holy kite days... suck that we haven’t had a reason to buy one until last weekend 🤷🏻‍♂️ Boat Rides out though 💪🏼 #LeadTheWay

A bit rough out last Sunday, only saw 5 sporties out there and two were going in because of the waves 🤣

Was a bit sporty out of Hillsboro Inlet this past weekend. Going to have to invest in a high wind kite🤣... #strikezonefishing #seaveeboats #suzukioutboards #floatontrailers #frigidrigid #esearidermarinebeanbags #seavee32 #seavee320 #seavee320b #suzukidf350 #suzukidf350a #df350a #df350 #sfekites

Anyone who is in the market for a ceramic coating, Tevin over at @alastingimpression_autodetail is raffling away a ceramic pro bronze package. Each entry is $25 each 1st place gets a paint correction and the bronze package from ceramic pro. 2nd place wins a full detail inside and out, and 3rd place wins a exterior detail. These odds are better than Vegas 🤣 Go read Tevin’s post for more info. Good Luck

Missed 2 wahoo hits, a couple cows, a sailfish on the vr50 and spro jog ballyhoo combo, and a barracuda on the kite. Pretty decent weekend out of Hillsboro 👌🏼

It’s amazing how quick the mighty Mahi goes from being beautifully lit up green and yellow to silvery white color in just a few seconds. #strikezonefishing #seavee #floatontrailers #suzukidf350a #aftco #twicetheice #bionicballyhoo @strike_zone_melbourne @seaveeboatsofficial @floatontrailers @suzukioutboards @aftco @aftco_nation @bionic_bait

Off to the lake, Lake X that is. We’re going to be handing off @fishseigler beautiful Morada 24 to the geniuses at @mercurymarine for a few days, to fine tune the 400R, maximizing performance and fuel economy of this boat/motor combination.

Fun little trip out of Hillsboro inlet today started the day off high speeding had two hits but couldn’t keep them glued. Pushed off shore to 1000’ and got three mahi a peanut a schoolie and a nice gaffer took the schoolie and gaffer home for dinner realeased the peanut. Headed back inshore and threw the kites up, only managed one sail that ate a jig and ballyhoo, for Justin on the vr50 all in all a good day! #strikezonefishing #seaveeboats #suzukimarine #floatontrailers #vanstaal @strike_zone_melbourne @seaveeboatsofficial @suzukioutboards @floatontrailers @vanstaalofficial @vanstaal.appreciation

New arrival!! 2019 EdgeWater 230CC powered by Yamaha 300XCA, Garmin 7610XSV and VHF on a custom Float-On trailer!!! #edgewaterboats #itsbetterontheedge #yamahaoutboards #garminmarine #floatontrailers #jaxboatsales #jacksonville #florida

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