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Valentine post! ❣️ Lol this is kinda the opposite of valentine spirit. Oops don't mean to break hearts! 💔

Last of my Valentine's Day floam! What's your favourite colour?

Mixing fishbowl! I don't like the final colour but whateves. ✏️Favourite subject?? Mine is math!!! 😱😱

Crunchy hearts! ❤️❤️ Tried to make this crunchy but it didn't really work 😔

Pink floam💕 This is so soft but crunchy! Guys I am sooo close to opening my shop!!! Who is going to buy from me when I open???

Valentine floam💜❤️💖 Are you a single Pringle or a taken bacon?? Single Pringle 🤷‍♀️

Red fishbowl! Sorry for not posting yesterday. ⬇️⬇️⬇️Comment some interesting facts. EDIT: Ew this is such a bad thumbnail. It's not even centre 🙄

Grape slush puppy! 🍇Slushy or fishbowl slime??

Fish scales 🐠 I haven't made a fishbowl slime in a loooong time! Fishbowl or floam?


credit: @slimestripe
it's slime. it's cool. it's everything most people need in life.
comment your favõrite emoji
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credit: @slimesherbet
what is your favorite type of slime?
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credit: @theslimeyshop
i call this slime: GLITTER LUCKY SLIME (again i do not own this slime myself so i can't officially name it)
if you have one, comment your favorite magical schoolgirl against evil type TV show!
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Fruity Pebbles 🍎🍉
Cr: @snoopslimes
{💋} To get noticed use my hahstag: slimereposts101
#slimerepost #floamrepost #repost

credit: @poochslime
follow their account it's cool
I don't have a sub-caption / question for this post so enjoy this awkwardness
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credit: @parakeetslimes
this slime vid is good so i'm posting it
what is your favorite slime account? comment them! 💜
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credit: @slim3tutorials
haven't posted a slime smoothie yet so this is kool
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credit: @fairylightslime
reposting by request and because this slime is great and pink 💜
who is your favorite youtuber [if you watch youtube]?
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credit: @surfslimeco
sliem pressing then pOp. it much satisfy 💜
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credit: @red.head.slimes
top quality slime video.
write your favorite color in the comments 💜
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credit: @myhappyhobbyslimes
don't hate me but i love this meme because wE aRe nUmBeR oNe (don't mind me over here having a seizure) 💜
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credit: @popularslime
posting ónce today because i have no time. 💜
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credit: @popularslime
i need to get me self a good pfp. i would make one myself but i don't have the required "materials" to make one. and i don't have much talent. 💜
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credit: @frostyslimebakery
this galaxy slime looks so cool 💜
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credit: @slimesherbet
you probably thought that I wasn't gonna post today. i did, but late. at least I posted though ;) 💜
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credit: @slimentists
i'm stuck in a storm rn and my dog is sitting right next to me and she's shook. 💜
also video extra, apparently there is a wisp of hair at the end? idk.
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credit: @slime_og
that is a LOT of slime. kinda wish I had some of it. and if someone comments and tells me to buy it, i would have already if i wanted to. 💜
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credit: @slimeathawaii
I'm done being an idiot and i'm posting rectangular slime vids now. 💜
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credit: @faunaslimey
instagram needs a better way to post because I can only post things in a square shape. i can't post anything in a rectangular shape 💜
edit: WOW i'm an idiot. just figured out how to do it.
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