Apologies for posting this a little late. Back to school takes a lot out of you! Here are some pics from the #FlipThe5th BBQ for @peterjoffrion from Saturday in Huntsville. We had a great time! Hope to see you at our next event and CANVASS WITH US this Saturday 10 AM in Decatur and Huntsville HQs!

Are you following @peterjoffrion yet?! LIKE AND SHARE to help #flipthe5th #bluewave #taketheseatpete #vote

I had a great visit yesterday morning with the staff and patrons at Reflections Barbershop in Huntsville. Thanks to everyone who talked with me and shared their concerns.
#LeadershipThatListens #NorthAlabama #FlipThe5th #uniteblue #BlueWave

Dozens of families took part in our Back to School Haircuts for Kids event yesterday. I had some great conversations with all of the parents. Big thank you to Ron and the team at Beachcomber Barber Shop in Oceanside for providing all of the free cuts! A generation is now ready to embrace educational opportunities with confidence! #FlipThe5th

Highlight of the evening at the #flipthe5th BBQ last night - watching @peterjoffrion dance! He's a great candidate and a good sport. #ALDems #flipthehouse2018 #bluewave #huntsville

We stopped by the @peterjoffrion campaign HQ last night and picked up yard signs to show our support to #FlipThe5th #peterforthepeople

It was great to meet @peterjoffrion tonight and help support his campaign to #FlipThe5th #peterforthepeople

Trying out my photo frames for Family Night at the @peterjoffrion HQ this evening! #craftivism #bluewave #flipthe5th #flipthehouse2018 #al05

What a great event! Get your tickets here: https://www.peterjoffrion.com/events/clairelynchbenefitconcert #flipthe5th #bluewave2018 #taketheseatpete #bluewave #vote #Midterms2018 #voteblue #votedemocrat

@sashaforstate did it! She’s through the top-two #waprimary-with flying colors-and on to the general. Let’s get Sasha to the statehouse and @electlong to Congress. #flipthe14th #flipthe3rd #flipthe5th #flipthehouse

FREE FOOD, FREE ENTRY, GREAT MUSIC! And conveniently located between two amazing breweries for those who wish to purchase a refreshing beverage! Bring a friend and help #FlipThe5th! All we ask is that you help spread the word about @peterjoffrion!

It’s Wednesday and we are highlighting DD Adams as our #womantowatch. In a little less than 13 weeks, DD has the chance to become the first Black Woman to represent the NC Fifth District! Don’t just like the post. Click on the link, read about her campaign platfform, volunteer, donate and VOTE! We can send the same #flipthe5th 🌊🌊🌊 http://ddadamsforcongress.com/

So, I never get an "I Voted" sticker cause we vote by mail. Never got my ballot in the mail, with our recent move, so I went in person. (By Jose's insistence, he has a friend running for county auditor.) For once, I got a sticker. #lisabrownforcongress #flipthe5th #ousttherepublicans #itmfa

We had a successful campaign invasion for @leslieforcongress in VA-5 this weekend. We knocked on nearly 300 doors housing roughly 400 voters, covered a LOT of very spread out semi-rural turf, and signed up at least 7 new local volunteers for the Cockburn campaign!! #FlipThe5th

Free food and a good time! Come help #FlipThe5th! @peterjoffrion

Great night at the Market on Bank! Exciting to talk with passionate people who are eager to volunteer and help #flipthe5th and elect @peterjoffrion to Congress! #bluewave2018 #taketheseatpete #volunteer #alpolitics 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

Be sure to wear your @peterjoffrion shirts, buttons, etc to everyday events! I wore mine to my first 5K today. I plan to beat my last score by double digits- just like Peter is going to win by double digits! #FlipThe5th #TeamJoffrion #TakeTheSeatPete! @teamjoffrion

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