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Leave it to me to mess with the random praying girl (in the middle of Saturday night) outside of Liv.

Want to thank my friend @jackbrewerbsi and crew for celebrating my birthday with me today! #Grateful #family

I'm always on the kissing couch.

My dessert is burning like my love. 🔥

I'm starting to figure out why I'm invited to all the parties. #lookatthatweirdo

Let the celebrations begin. Today Paris bday party. Tomorrow London bday party, following day NYC bday party! Glad to make it to this point!

I took over for @nusr_et while he took a break. Had a blast.

With my chef tonight! @nusr_et

☄️4 years later!☄️
It was this day January 21st 2015, I started working at the fitness facility in my own neighborhood of Humboldt Park where I promised myself after high school to change my body forever no matter how long it takes. I will train to gain the body I want and strength I need to endure anything to come my way. As my journey continues, to be jacked, tan and juicy af, I want anyone who is disgoruaged or trying to know they can do it! Let's go! 💪😎💥🗣️🔥🤙🏋️‍♂️
#Train2Gain #fitnessjourney #fitness #bodytransformation #cuttingseason #gymrat #babygains #liftinglife #flexzone #liftingislife #glowup#bodybuilding

The pre-workout is kicking in...... Let's go!

Couldn't get the full video but I got the big boy box for 30 reps straight today! Not bad for a old man.

It's Friday night and the guns feeling alright! 💪let's go!!!!!

Feeling fine at 39! 300lb full stack on the attack!

Thanks Karl for cutting the video short. Lol. 12 reps for Jesus!!!

Meats and meetings

Smacking the 125lb db chest press for 22 reps end of my chest workout

Still banging out the 190lb dumbbells. Not bad for a old man.

When they ask how do I get such big traps......

Throw back Friday! Days of 600lb bench presses 800lb plus squats and 800lb plus deadlifts. Those days are over.

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