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I hate when this happuns
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I think if you have a problem with a female in her underwear, that the issue lies with you rather than her. If you believe that a woman showing her form is a cry for attention, I think you need to re-evaluate what has taught you to believe that. I think if you believe a woman showing her body or being proud of her bum, tummy, boobs, arms, legs shows a lack of morals then I really wonder why you think that. I wonder if you have considered what has taught you to believe women need to be modest about their own physicality. When you judge a woman and use a derogatory word based on her openness to show her form, be proud of her physique or love herself then I believe you are part of the problem. I honestly do. Self respect has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with how much skin you show. NOTHING. 💜

Today I woke up at 5:30 AM, went and trained legs at the gym- actually pressed 4 plates today, came home and meal prepped, walked my dog on the beach, and noooow I'm on my way to get sushi 🍣 I like this whole getting up early thing... #goodday

Flexin' is kinda my thannnng😎😜💪🏻. The ol' princess pecs are back in actionnn (thanks to my build-a-boob workshops)😂👸🏻❤️. Got hit with a nasty stomach bug yesterday which put me completely outta commission🙈. I was forced to rest and listen to my body, which was EXTREMELY hard for me 2 weeks out. But I'm feeling better today and ready to kick butt👊🏻🔥. Sometimes you gotta listen to your body even though it's telling you stuff you don't want to hear😒😜.

...just over a week post comp + so keen to get back into routine! After spending the last week in bed recovering from bronchitis + just overall exhaustion, I feel really motivated to start smashing some new goals, bring on the heavy glute sessions & extra carbs 🙌🏽🍑 #keepinittight #glutedayeveryday #builtbyblade


Two different ways to use the lat pull down machine and squat machine....
Working the core and back on the latest machine, fully extending down and back up...20 reps...4 rounds (sometimes I hold weights for more of a challenge)
On the squat machine add extra weight and pulse your calves 20 times then hold while on your toes till failure
Hope u enjoy trying these!
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Flashback Sunday
Ok...This is how lean you should be 12 weeks out from a show! I was 10 weeks in!
When youre getting ready for a show? You want to be lean as possible! This is why I eat the same food Everyday! I only lower the proportions when I'm in prep
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My sleeping beauty practicing her 'back, double bicep' pose in her sleep like daddy #teammuscletech #muscletech #daddysgirl #nitrotech #flexing #backdoublebicep

Lulu #flexing

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