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Today’s @yogafeature 🙏 by @randomrob_ 😱

Aloha!! So happy to be in Hawaii with beautiful @dashamalove 🤗
Anybody around? Join us this November on the beach in Kona! It’s going to be a beautiful yoga journey! You can join us for a few days or longer for a magical yoga adventure retreat in paradise. Contact @dashamalove if you have any questions. I hope to meet you soon ❤️
Ps: my top is from @aloyoga 😉
#yoga #hawaii

Flame of Paris ❤️
приятные воспоминания на удачную неделю!

Today I was thinking about the last digital marketing agency I worked for. I remember there was a very annoying 18-year-old girl that I never liked. Her topic of conversation was always about famous YouTubers, memes, and Justin Bieber. All the-fucking-time.

She used to say "Lol", you know, the acronym for "Laughing out loud", but I mean, she used to say it with her own voice. Instead of laughing like a normal unbearable teenager, she preferred to say out loud " LOL". The last day before I quit, I put salt in her coffee and sugar in her food. It was the least I could do since pushing her through the office window is not legal.

So the moral is: Not all yoga pics have a beautiful caption💕✨.
Namaste and unicorns. ✌️✨🦄

When you call your cat over to keep you company in dreaded hip openers but instead she puts on a jumping performance that would be impressive in the Olympics! Oh Noodle pie, how we love you so! I rarely post #realtimeyoga because I move pretty slow, and 1 minute doesn’t fit a lot in, but sometimes the yoga isn’t the point right?! 😹😻😹😻😹😻😹😻😹😻
P.s this is a section of the flow I did to warm up for my splits breakthrough yesterday. I used to think splits was a hamstring job, but the more time I spend around yogis at varying stages of their practice, the more perspective I have on my own, and the more research I do, I know now that hamstring flexibility is a nice-to-have and not a must-have. Splits are hips hips hips. So lunges, lizard, pigeon are your friends. Uncomfortable friends for sure, but definitely worth your time 💕
Wearing @aloyoga, practicing on @liforme

I think it’s time to let the first cat out of the bag... I’m moving to NYC! Actually I’m moving to Williamsburg, to be exact, and I couldn’t be happier! 😃
Change has always scared me and made me feel uncomfortable, but I’ve never let that stop me before, and I don’t plan to now either. 👊🏻
I’ve never been one to take too much stock in the meaning of signs and symbols, but I’m starting to believe that everything happens for a reason, exactly when it’s meant to. 🔮
Even though I’m out of my comfort zone, everything feels like it’s happening as it’s meant to, and there’s honestly no place I’d rather be. 🗽🍎🚕
PS. There are still more cats in the bag, so stay tuned! 😉
📸: @sfreneenyc for @aloyoga 🙌🏻
Thanks @aminahtaha and @jessicaolie for letting me crash your photo shoot yesterday! 👯💗

Featuring: @maliaasahinoo


Feeling like home.
This man has no teeth but has one of the most beautiful Nepali smile. #patan
The second photo has been taken in Bodhnath, you can see a part of the biggest stupa in Nepal. Lots of candles to celebrate best moments in your life.
The third photo is taken in Durbar Square area nearby Patan Museum.
Now it's time to deeply inhale and exhale in Kathmandu valley. #yogaretreat
#nepal #kathmandu #meditation #flexible #balance #yoga #trip #buddhism #hindu #nepali

Let's start this day with a smile, and the curiosity and wonder of a Child! ♡♧♡♧♡♧♡♧☆

dance friends are the most amazing friends you’ll ever have honestly❤️

Taking rest days is just as important as the active practice of yoga itself. To recover, heal, and to be able to return back to your mat energized and strong. October challenge is going pretty well (surprisingly!) I've taken classes every day this month except for the last two days. I will try to make time tomorrow for a restorative class perhaps, maybe deep stretch? We will see 🤔 #childspose with Ashley 😻😻😻

T U E S D A Y T H O U G H T S.
Surround yourself only with people who create and enhance a positive, healthy and happy life. People who share this energy with you and people who encourage you every step of the way.
🤸 💛 👐 🌞

I keep falling

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#gamer #photooftheday #mouse #ergonomic #flexible #wireless #future

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Josey and the Pussycats 🐱🐱🐱 Using my @yoga.lover.insta boxes to practice my over splits! Wearing @yoga.lover.insta 🐱 #split #yoga #halloween #yogisurprise #monthlybox #flexible #yogi #yogachallenge #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere

Missing my girls back home. Cheers girlfriends. And thanks to my super talented Jen @texturestudio for this image - sums up so many brilliant Perth girl memories 💖👯😘 #girlfriends #bubbles #giggles #sistersfromothermisters #perthgirlbosses

Just added to the schedule at @momentumverticaldance 💜💙 Come get flexi with me in West Hartford on Fridays from 11am – 12pm #flex #flexclass #flexibilityclass #flexible #fitness #splits #backbends #polestudio #aerialstudio

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