We are happy to announce that @layanalondon will be adding some sparkle to our #workit event tomorrow morning with @runnethlondon and @frostfig sponsored by @marshandparsons. There are still a couple tickets left if you’d like to join from 10-12 in #maidavale. Link in profile ☝️
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Make yourself PROUD!
In a world where a lot of things are out of our control, what we eat, and whether or not we workout are two things that ARE in our control and can make a HUGE difference in the quality of our life and happiness. And when you take action, it breeds CONFIDENCE and power in ALL areas of life.
"Success is yours ~ GO GET IT!" ❤ Shannon

Look! 👀 The Daisy Chain works for employers as well as parents! Thanks to @emilydawes for your kind words! 😀❤️
You can check out our lovely #familyfriendly employers by joining The Daisy Chain for FREE!
👉Link in bio👈
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Flexibility is a mindset not an action
A way of life
A value
An attitude ————————————————————
What a great infographic from @timewise_uk and tomorrow our Co founder Hayley heads off to meet them, and become one of the ‘Flexible Hiring Champion’s’ for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s new pilot programme.
Here at Change the Chat it’s all about ‘provoking and changing the conversation’ and ‘instead of asking why, ask why not’
So how will you change your chat? we’ve all got a part to play in ensuring flexibility becomes a mindset not an action and supporting the workplace to become more gender diverse .
What does flexibility mean to you?

It took me a long while to understand the power and benefit of rest. Although I logically understood why it was important, I couldn't quite get myself to do it
I'm quite good at 'fake resting' be that watching TV, tidying up, scrolling through social media....although to be honest I'm not that good at even fake resting as there is always something to be doing. To truly rest has been difficult for me. I've really resisted it. Can you relate?

As working mums we're often living a life of stress, struggle and suffering. With manic lifestyles and chronic busyness. Whilst we know we might need to rest, actually finding the time to do it seems impossible and perhaps an indulgence
🧘‍♀️ It was only after my body gave me no choice but to properly rest that I 'got it'. I've learnt that to have the energy to keep up with everything I want to do in life I have to find the time to rest and renew
I'm going to miss my weekly yoga class. Especially my pregnancy nest which my teacher built for me at the end of each class, as this was a place where I truly rested. I often joked that I was only having a baby so I could rest in this nest. But behind the joke is a reality that sometimes it takes extreme things in our life to actually give ourselves the gift of resting

What permission do you need to rest?
#daringtorest #wellbeing #energyforlife

Warm fuzzy feelings for this lovely feedback from a recent client. So pleased to have delivered a new website that will allow them to take their business to the next level.
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Oh ho, this made me chuckle and it’s so true! There is just no way on earth I could work full time from an office now, which is why I’m lucky to be freelance, allowing me to work when I can, where I can (sometimes from the garden!) ✌🏼💪🏼 #flexappeal #freelance #workfromhome #liveyourbestlife #workwhenyoucan #workthatworks #projectmanager #eventprofs 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜#Repost @veronicadearly with @get_repost
Shout out to everyone juggling 12 million things whether you are parents or not 🙌

The epitome of #workthatworks #flexappeal Walking up and down the drive with this crazy 🐻 while I sort out #gdpr stuff. #workingmum #mumofboys

• P L A N N I N G •
Syncing my diary, co-ordinating projects and clients...but taking a quick break to start planning my summer. ☀️🌴🌊 .

We’ve got my baby sister’s wedding in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 to look forward to and I’m thinking about activities and sight-seeing for my two boys around the big day! 🐘🐊🦎🐢🐳🐒 .

Have you any #srilanka top tips to share with me? Have you taken kids there? Anything I ought to be thinking about? Any advice would be amazing!! .
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*Housing benefit* Last night on one of the #flexappeal posts, a few people mentioned the issues around claiming housing benefit that I wrote about in my #allinclusive post for @mother_pukka.

In the area of west London that I live a two up, two down Victorian terrace will cost you upwards of £1800 per month to rent. All of the estate agents here say no to housing benefit. We have been very lucky twice in finding houses here to rent while claiming a housing benefit top up but it’s been by the skin of our teeth both times. Both times we have had to pay a much larger deposit, both times we have had to throw ourselves at the mercy of estate agents, invite them to our home to show how well we look after it, provide personal references from work and community projects we are involved in to show we are trustworthy people. One even asked for a school report for my teenager. Both times it has been soul destroying and humiliating having to prove that we won’t trash a house just because we claim benefits.

It’s unfair and it discriminates against people who have to claim housing benefit. The agents here want a household income of 3x the monthly rent before they will consider you. That is well beyond the means of many.

Something obviously needs to be done about this issue and a start would be not to tar every one with the ‘nightmare’ tenant brush just because of top up benefits.

I’m interested to hear how other people who claim housing benefit manage to find a home? And also from people who have now been switched over to universal credit.

I love this photo of the back of my head taken by @hanbullivant! In all seriousness, we have so much love for the amazing creative business community which surrounds us. On Saturday I was lucky enough to spend time at a beautifully crafted Day Retreat created by two Work + Play Mamas. We talked decluttering, both mentally & physically and then made the most beautiful floral wreaths. I got to hang out with two women with the most wonderful business ideas who may use The Snug as a base. Life felt pretty sweet. -
The next Day Retreat from @ray_dodd & Hannah is on Saturday 14 July. -
If you too need to be part of a vibrant co-working community send me a DM. There’s everything from a clean & clear hot-desk with countryside views to uncluttered private offices.

Two of the many reasons why local co-working is a great addition to #freelancelife. Stay connected, share ideas, ask for help, get a change of scenery. There are lots more. When you work at home it's great to mix things up a bit and find a little gang of local like-minded peeps.
Wanna join our gang? This week #leightonbuzzard. If you're local, why not give it a try?

See link in bio for deets 👆

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Hi! 👋🏽 I’m Laura and I’m seriously considering getting my colours done - remember the whole ‘getting your colours done’ trend? My neighbour Jean (aged 66) reckons I’m an Autumn. And I love orange so it must be true, right? •
But anyway, I’m here this morning to tell you something else. I’m here to tell you that your written content - your website, blog, social media etc - shouldn’t say what you want to say. ‘Say whaaaat?’ you cry. But no - it’s actually about what your clients want to hear. Important distinction, hmm? My job as a copywriter is to start the process at the end - by getting under the skin and inside the head of your audience; specifically that elusive Waitrose-or-Aldi-devotee, Stranger-Things-or-Black-Mirror-fanatic Ideal Client - believe me, these things matter. Considering their perspective, their problems, their likes, loathings, interests and needs. Always work back from the reader and their perspective - if (s)he’s apathetic about the product or service in question, my job is to engage. If (s)he’s cynical, my job is to persuade with a new angle. And so on. •
So if you’re struggling to engage your readership, my #tuesdaytip is this: think like the reader. Get into character as your ideal client; heck, draw on a squiggly moustache if it helps. Make it less ‘us’, more ‘you’ and watch their eyes light up ✨✨✨

First day back at work nerves are REAL! Seems like a lifetime since I was last working in Bath but today I go back, very part time, to work for the first time in over a year! @komedia_bath I May have forgotten everything but I’m coming for you just he same😬

#work #maternityleave #flexappeal #makeworkwork #Bath #job #mama #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk #worklifebalance

I LOVE playing with new makeup! Splurge in unapologetic and a lovely new splash lippy!!!! And all for #FREE simply for taking selfies....!!! #flexappeal #freemakeup

Another lovely guest blog today from @mrstux999. All about how she juggles three children and a thriving career, and her feelings about her husband becoming a stay at home Dad #flexappeal #thejuggleisreal #stayathomedad #workingmummy #blogadaymay Link as always is in the bio 😊

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