I was privileged to be invited to share my views and experiences as an expert into this report.
There is so much to be said about the impact of crippling childcare costs and inflexible work on a parents ability to stay in the workforce. And when I say parents, we know it’s mainly mothers... and it’s a key factor for why the road to equal pay is at a snails pace.
Join me on Wednesday to view the debate in @senedd help with #childcare is available if you need it.
I will also be live from the debate on Weds afternoon so do send in any questions you may have.
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For those of you who have never attended an event like #jeepbash let me tell you about it. You park your Jeep in a parking lot. You walk around and look at a bunch of other Jeeps and realize you didn't put nearly enough effort in cleaning your own Jeep. You go to the vendors' booths and drool over some really cool shit that you want, but can't afford. You watch your spouse drool over shit that he wants and thinks you can afford. You enter a raffle and wait until 5:00 hoping to win some of that really cool shit that you can't afford. Would I do it again? I sure would! It was fun meeting new people, hanging out and laughing with friends, inspecting others' Jeeps and making a wish list consisting of the shit that I can't afford!😉 #jeepbash2018 #kmcwheels #jeep #jeeps #alotofshiticantafford #parkinglot #huntingtonbeach #4x4 #hisandhers #gopackgo #packersjeeps #flexappeal #flexaddict
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Flexible working is important. In fact, it’s essential. People want it and need it. It makes business sense. It’s the number one ask for those looking to reignite careers. We dedicate a whole chapter of the She’s Back book to negotiating #flexibleworking . But, recently we pondered what happens after you get a flexible working agreement in place. Sometimes the conversation about the practices and behaviors you’ll put in place is just as important for making your flexible working arrangements a success. Sometimes in our relief to get that agreement in place, these boundaries aren’t talked about. I wrote about that over on LinkedIn (see the excerpt on stories). The pic highlights some of the headlines from the piece - and there’s more in the article....like the importance of keeping a razor like focus on how you’ll be evaluated, saying yes less and.....and why is the default meeting invite for one hour? And face to face? There are better ways to spend time. .
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Does your brain do this to you?? Well no more, this week in class we’ll be talking about mindfulness, and I’ve organized an expert to introduce you to the concept! You won’t want to miss this! ❤️❤️❤️ #wwireland #weightwatchers #wwflex #flexappeal #theflexeffect #dietwhatdiet

“Fulfillment is a right and not a privilege. Every single one of us is entitled to feel fulfilled by the work we do, to wake up feeling inspired to go to work...”
Simon Sinek, Find Your Why
Working mamas: Do you feel fulfilled by the jobs you do? .
When you wake up on a Monday morning are you raring to get to your dream job or sobbing into your pillow while hitting snooze and wishing it were still the weekend?
Maybe you work weekends. Or evenings. Or through the night?
How do you fit work around your family?
I’ve been thinking about the right to a fulfilling work life. And how that jars with the expectations put on us (in my case largely by myself) in our role as mothers.
Because, as much as we adore our kids, our generation of women were educated, brought up and conditioned to believe we had a right to challenging, fulfilling, exciting careers too. Am I right?
But I hear mums on the school run - with degrees and excellent brains - worrying about not being employable after years out of the game. And others who can’t find anything stimulating to fit around the realities of the mother timetable, so they settle for a few hours here or there.
Are you living the dream? How did you get there? If you’re not, What would help you feel more fulfilled as a human? .
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Day off today! Took Miss A to school, fought around supermarket with Miss I, cleaned out rabbit hutch, did a mountain of washing, scraped a poo off the arse of a crying three year old, caught a wasp in the car while Miss I had an emotional breakdown, picked up Miss A from school, fed children, cooked dinner for Mr C, took Miss A to Rainbows, picked up Miss A from Rainbows and now heading off to PTA meeting. Got to love a relaxing day off! #parttime #workingmum

Meet Lisa. A Digital Gum graduate.

It’s something of a leap to go from being an artist selling your work through exhibitions to being the social media manager for a networking group, but that’s exactly what Lisa McGinty did – with a bit of help from Digital Gum. ‘It was invaluable and opened up a whole new creative industry that I hadn’t really thought about.’ Lisa enthuses about so many other things she benefitted from on the course. .
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