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"Maryse Manios" IFBB Pro female bodybuilder!💪😳

Multitasking core and shoulders. You definitely need to try it 👹.. Make sure you don't touch the floor and try to pull the rope as close as you can into your nose and squeeze, don't move your upper body when you going back to the start position. Be still so your core gets 100 % tension during the set 😃💥

Happy Weekend everyone ! 🙂

A good plan executed Today is better than a Perfect plan executed at some indefinite point in the future. •
#StartHustling I'm heading off to do some hiking and work out of town for a day or two and have some "Collin Time" and get shit done when back from Los Angeles! 😊🙌🏽
Side Note: I don't walk around like this, I'm not a god damn Neanderthal 😂
✖️️YUREI-Asymmetrical V-Neck✖️ •
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Shredded On Point 💪😀🇦🇹Любите фотосессии? 😀🇦🇹#aesthetics

Amins Ernährungstipps Teil 6 😌
Wasser ist ein wichtiges Lebensmittel. Unser Körper besteht zum Großteil daraus. Ohne es würden Magen und Darm nicht funktionieren.
Trink es regelmäßig, idealerweise ungekühlt und ohne Kohlensäure. So schonst du deinen Magen und dein Organismus muss das Wasser nicht erst auf Körpertemperatur anwärmen. 3 Liter sollten Minimum sein., aber auch 5 Liter Schäden nicht😁!
💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦Amins nutritiontips Part 6 😌
Water is an important Part of our daily nutrition! More than that it is the Most important component of our Body! Without water, stomach and intestinal could not work.
Drink it on a regular basis, better not too cold and non sparkling. In this way you spare your stomach and the drunken water Must not be Heated up in the body.
Drink 3 Liter a day, better up to 5 Liter/day 😁!

Do something today that your future self will thank you for 🙌🏻
Wearing @physiqapparel PerformLite Tech Bottoms

Always having @bpi_sports_uk BCAA's during my workouts to promote muscle recovery and to increase protein synthesis 👌🏽 @bpi_sports
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Batch of progress pics from after yesterday's shoulder session 📸💪
My bodyweight hit 216lbs yesterday. That's just past the weight range I like to stay during improvement season. Now to keep bodyweight the same or slightly less I'll add in a bit of cardio and back down the food slightly. Calorie average was about 4100-4200 most recently, will reduce it to 3800 at lowest. 22 weeks out from World's; now we start the slow trot in 😎
Underwear by @jed_north 👌
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• Bar pullups 5x10 15sec rest 🔥
• Dumbell row 6x6 (increasing weight) 1.30min rest 🔥
• Row machine 5x8+15 with different angle 1.30min rest 🔥
• Low row machine 5x8+15 with different angle 1.30min rest 🔥
• Pulley 3x12 (increasing weight) 1.30min rest 🔥
• Smith machine single row ss Inclined dumbell row
3x6+12 1.30min rest 🔥
• Pulldown ss Vertical traction 1x25+25 🔥
• Shrugs 1x50 🔥
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I think I'm catching up with ya @nathansmith_physique #flex #gymrat #sundayfunday

👊🏼 Work for it if you want it 👊🏼
I'm working hard on improving my physique and strength the past 2 months and I can already see the difference. Before that time I wasn't seriously training and tracking my progress but since I track calories and lifts I already improved a lot. 🔺HITTING PERSONAL RECORDS ON A DAILY 🔺
If you have any questions regarding tracking calories or lifts or programs DM me 🔱
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🌍26.3.17 🐎.

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Sunday ruly!!!!!!!!

Lanchinho de domingo.
Overnight de amoras orgânicas com hibisco e chia.
Esse docinho é muito simples e trata-se de camadas de iogurte grego zero, granola ou frutas secas ( nozes, castanha do Brasil ou amêndoas) e frutas frescas ou calda.
Lanchinho super completo, com boa fonte de proteína, gordura acompanhada de bons carbos.

Delicioso, lindo, simples e super funcional.
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Stopped by @chaleteamerchant and told them to hit my with their best pot (of tea). It was lovely. #teaaddict

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