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“SOMEBODY FREE” by Kriminal himself will be releasing on all available streaming platforms THIS Tuesday 🔥 Make sure to keep your eyes open for his first commercial debut!

Farsighte Music presents...”Somebody Free” by Kriminal ⚡️ Releasing FEB. 27th!!
This brand new debut commercial by Kriminal puts the introspect on a relationship between a man and a woman who feel like they connect on a whole ‘nother level...detailing affection and attention within a smooth instrumental that’s bound to catch you in a nocturnal state.

Young will be officially releasing TWO brand new singles off of his upcoming album MARCH 1st (exclusively on @spotify) 🔥 What do you think they're gonna be like? We think they're pretty damn good ⚡️

Up next on our lineup...2.27.18 ⚡️

Getting some straight love all the way from #LasVegas! We have something in the works for everyone to interact with, and we think it's gonna be amazing to see how it plays out. #PopTheTrunk

Between the two official Krevas releases...which one do you prefer?? Leave a comment!! 🤔🔥 #PopTheTrunk #VIBE

Never underestimate the power of words...new single information coming soon!

Ever wondered what was behind Fletnix's lyrics in his newest song, "SHUT OUT"? Well now you can see!! Check them out on @Genius right now.

LINK IN OUR BIO to hear Fletnix's newest single "SHUT OUT", produced and written by himself. Please make sure to check it out because it's definitely a song you DO NOT want to miss 🔥

Do NOT forget that our very own member Fletnix will be dropping a brand new single THIS FRIDAY, February 2nd! So keep your ears peeled and pay attention because this song is something to perk your ears up for.

Fletnix officially announces his long awaited single..."SHUT OUT"! It'll be releasing on all available streaming platforms on FEBRUARY 2nd for everyone to hear!! Stay tuned 🔥 (@hunterbeans27)

Yesterday, we announced Krevas' forthcoming album #GRIPE with a brand new formatted post...and we gotta say we here at @farsightemusic are really enjoying the new look! We decided to go a little more formal so it's easier for everyone to look at. What do you think??

Krevas presents: GRIPE.
This is his first official commercial debut album. The release date for Krevas' project is still undetermined and there's still much left in the works, but we felt that at least announcing the album would be an extremely exciting moment for Krevas and any fans expecting his forthcoming project. #GRIPE

With some time on his hands, Kriminal has been on a grind producing content for everyone to enjoy as his debut back into the game after a short hiatus musically.

Working behind the scenes is Krevas making moves to make sure everyone here at @farsightemusic is progressing immensely! After releasing "Vibe (Reprise)" and "Let's Ride 2", you can expect nothing but better and better material in the near future.

Fletnix has some extremely mesmerizing material in the works right now...and he's got plans for a brand new single to release very soon! Stay tuned.

BRAND NEW VIDEO UPDATE!!! Make sure you listen up and get an idea of what's to come soon from our very own @farsightemusic members. Thanks for watching!!

So far...Krevas has released two official album singles and a collaboration with Young on the song "Get Out" featuring none-other-than BekkaRhose...so what's next for Krevas?? #PopTheTrunk

Kriminal has been working on some hot new material to present to everyone! It's seen as a rebirth of his music career in the sense of originality and personality. Stay tuned for more information! 🔥

We found out that "Vibe (Reprise)" has accumulated over 100 streams across all platforms. That's pretty impressive for Krevas' first official commercial single! More statistics are soon to come...and we'd like to thank everyone who has supported our artists since the beginning! And hold your breath for a little longer, because there's more fantastic music on the way...

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