Daar gaan we weer 🤗 #shooter #fletnix

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TAP FOR SOUND 🔥 LINK IN BIO!! #SupportYourLocals

“BEFORE THEY... (feat. @untitled_gg)” ... LINK IN BIO 😱🔥 #SupportYourLocals

NEW VIDEO UPDATE!! Make sure to check it out. Also, a quick shoutout to our active followers and listeners 🙏🏻 you guys have been so awesome and we can’t wait to deliver what we have in store! #SupportYourLocals

SWIPE LEFT: Here’s a quick lineup reveal of the two newest singles coming from Krevas & Kriminal!!
1.) June 15th ... “Before They... (feat. @untitled_gg)” will release on all available platforms.
2.) June 22nd ... “Under The Moon (feat. @fletnixszn & @haley_rohrer)” will also release on all available platforms.
And who knows what could come after or in between just these two tracks...🤔 #TwoStorms #SupportYourLocals

#TwoStorms ... #June22nd ... with even more announcements to come tomorrow 😎

Neues Dokudrama: „Musiker im Baumarkt“ 🛠 #2021 #fletnix

Rios dropped a new song yesterday...what do y’all think of it?? 🤔🤔 #SupportYourLocals

Here are three of our hottest releases last month 🔥 have you listened to them yet?? If not, click the link in our bio!! #SupportYourLocals

Young has released a brand new single, “BLACK BIRDS (feat. Micah Byrnes)” exclusively on Spotify 😱 link in his bio here: @alexs.amazing.funned.up.world | #SupportYourLocals
We told y’all it was gonna be a busy month 😉

Our youngest debut to date has released his first mixtape today, titled “NEVER FORGET EP”...which you can find a link to in his bio here: @rekabbaker 🔥 #SupportYourLocals

“SHUT OUT (REMIX)” available everywhere!! Click the link in our bio 😎 #SupportYourLocals

“SHUT OUT - REMIX (feat. Krevas)” is available NOW on all available streaming platforms!! Purchase link in bio 😭😱 #SupportYourLocals

The official remix to Fletnix’s commercial debut “SHUT OUT” is only TWO DAYS away!! 😱😨 #SupportYourLocals

Great things are upon the horizon!! Content from Krevas, Kriminal, Fletnix, AND Alex Rios are all on the way 😱 so make sure to drop a follow to see exactly what we have in store 😉 #SupportYourLocals

Fletnix & Krevas return for another run on the official remix to Fletnix’s first commercial debut, “SHUT OUT” 😱😱 MAY 25th... #SupportYourLocals

Fletnix & Krevas will be returning with a fresh remix of Fletnix’s fantastic single, “SHUT OUT”! MAY 25th 😱🔥 | #SupportYourLocals

We here at Farsighte Music are huge supporters for any local artists that are really achieving their goals through hard and excellent work...a huge shoutout to @mackenziedawn_photography for hitting the tremendous mark of over 1,000 dedicated followers! She’s accomplished a lot and it definitely shows within her content. Make sure to give her a follow if you’re a fan of photography and maybe...we can do a collaboration soon..?? 🤔 #SupportYourLocals

Our Boise locals know what the f*ck is up!! Two legends shining in the warmest sunsets and just some people who wanted to pay proper homage. Rest In Peace 🙏🏻 #RIPPhifeDawg #RIPProdigy #SupportYourLocals

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