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Photo by @leilandrwc
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BBSI would like to thank our faculty and staff for their hard work at BBSI. For our third year of operation, we had Jock Soto, Jeffrey Rogers, Patrick Frenette, Maxim Ponomarenko, and Kiefer Curtis join us as faculty. Thank you to all five of them for their hard work and commitment to all the BBSI students. We are so grateful for your time, energy, and commitment to our attendees. Thank you to Nadia Pavlenko for teaching the Girls Variations classes. Thank you to our three Co-Directors, Kim Frenette, Christina Fannéy, and Emma Frenette. We are all so grateful for everyone’s commitment to the program and work ethic this week.
Photo: @mik_photos

BBSI Vlog Day Six - Clark Eselgroth @clarkeselgroth

BBSI 2018 Class Photo.
Thank you to each and every danseur who joined us for Boys Ballet Summer Intensive this week. We are so proud of all fifty of you for your hard work at BBSI. Congratulations!

BBSI - Rylan Doty in Blue Group Variations with Patrick Frenette

BBSI Vlog Day 5 - Lucca Ionazzi @balletlucca

BBSI - Lucca Ionazzi working with Patrick Frenette in Teal Group Variations

BBSI Teal Group Technique with Maxim Ponomarenko. Pictured: Caleb Mook.

BBSI Aqua Group Technique class with Jeff Rogers

BBSI Blue Group Technique class with Jock Soto. Pictured: Ethan Gold.

BBSI Aqua Group Technique class with Jeff Rogers. Pictured: Nathaniel Geis.

BBSI Blue Group Technique Class with Jock Soto. Pictured: Clark Eselgroth, Rylan Doty, and Ethan Gold.

BBSI Vlog Day Four - Paul Piner @paul_piner

BBSI - Avery Jarrard in Technique with Jeff Rogers.

BBSI Vlog Day 3 - John Fontanini. @johnfont12

Pictured here are our scholarship recipients from American Dance Competition @adcibc. We are so glad you all could join us for BBSI and the Partnering Workshop. Thank you for coming!

BBSI Vlog Day 2 - Brooks Landegger @brookslandegger (Age 15) Student at the School of American Ballet working with Jock Soto, his former instructor.

BBSI Teal Group Technique class with Jeff Rogers

BBSI Aqua Group Jumps & Turns with Patrick Frenette

BBSI Blue Group Partnering with Jeff Rogers

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