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Living the dream as I stroll down the street. 🚶🏻‍♂️💫 #happiness

Don’t stop dreaming just because you had a nightmare ❤️

Finally back in FL! No snow, no ice, but it was brisk this am!! Thanks @florida.memes for reminding me what winter is like for us “down south”

It’s life, that’s just how it is! Learn to be resilient, be at peace, and love more

Born a night owl, but my kids make me an early bird! 5 am walk up calls anyone!


Anything and everything, TRY HARDER

Link in comments. I’m running a group to support women who do it all.....and then more. Learn more in the comments

How do you decorate?? Share your favorite decoration in the comments!

On December 21, we celebrated Winter Solstice with a great dinner, wonderful company, And lots of good intentions for the new year.
We made crowns of nature 🤗
Wrote our “wishes” down, and burned them with sage to cleanse the air around us.
Letting go of the past and embracing positive light for the future.

Christmas success!!! We had a beautiful Christmas morning, followed by a fun lil birthday celebration for one of our favorite Neighbors @docktailbar
Then family arrived, with a treasure map to find our presents which were buried in a treasure chest ;)
Amazing dinner, and good company! Merry Christmas

Playing around with the family in Miami

What planner do you use? I have LOVED these planners by @chalenejohnson called the #pushplanner which helps you take. Major goal, break it down, And have small action steps each day.
These are LIFE!

Another move from #80dayobsession with @autumncalabrese ...... I’m in the official TEST group, and sharing what I learn with my people in #myonlinefitclub are you joining us??

United colours of beige. Well camel really lol. #tbt

Combining neutrals in this weather because why not?🖤 | #ontheblog | trendycitrus.wordpress.com

Hmmmm, no 😴.

Best s/o from our faves!! Check out Kat from @themodelsmarket slaying in @cellojeans ・・・
@themodelsmarket in our all time favorite “Super High Rise Straight Jeans” 💕✨ Available now via @lolachiq #cellojeans #denimdreams

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