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Tengo un lunar de nacimiento en la cara, una cicatriz en el cuello, otra más grande en la rodilla izquierda, la cara muy flaca y la espalda muy ancha, nunca fui de cintura pequeña, tuve un novio que me dijo que mis piernas eran raras, me fracturé la nariz a los 14 años y preferí no operarme para no cambiar mi voz, la mitad de la gente no “entiende” como me visto y podría continuar con una larga lista de “imperfecciones” que por años han sido señaladas, pero... siguen ahí. ¡Y SOY MÁS FELIZ!

Hay gente a la que le cuesta creer que eso no me molesta y que simplemente me veo como me quiero ver, vivo de lo que amo hacer y soy lo que quiero ser. Vivimos en un mundo obsesionado con ser “perfecto”, pero nosotros los perfectos imperfectos, abrazamos, apreciamos y vivimos con eso como parte de lo que somos. Si eres tan IMPERFECTO(A) como yo, celébralo en @dieselpanama Multiplaza HOY desde las 6PM y #GoWithTheFlaw #DieselPanama #Flaws

🖊Fill in the blank👇

My favorite way to relax after a long day is _____________.
My answer: A Hot Shower, Slippers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, A Cup of Tea, & Netflix🍪🍿🍫 Follow me @fitfeminas
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My body 🌿
Ever since I've been a teen I've been horribly self conscious of my tummy area. I would put myself down over having a wide torso and no curves compared to other women in media. I'd think that once I hit puberty I would somehow suddenly get super curvy and all of it would be fixed. But I've realised that that's not going to happen. And that's completely fine. It's not a bad thing at all. I don't want to change this anymore.
When I took photos like the one on the right I would feel like my body has not progressed from 2 years of working out at all. But the thing is that bodies will always look different from different angles. Don't let "bad photos" make you hate your body. Because everyone has these bad photos, most people just don't show them.
Tummies are designed to have fat on them, it's there to protect your internal organs. Having a flat tummy 24/7 with no fat is impossible because our stomachs are designed to expand when we eat or drink. They're constantly changing and that's completely normal!!
I don't think there is anything wrong with either of these photos anymore, they are the same body. I love this body and thank it for functioning and keeping me alive.
I feel sometimes we as humans get too caught up in looking good when we should be happy that we have a body that is capable of doing so much. Instead of hating that your body looks a certain way, thank it for functioning and keeping you alive. You only have one body, it's much harder going through life hating it rather than appreciating it for all the incredible things it does.
Your body does not define your worth as a person. You look absolutely amazing the way you are, from all angles, at all times of the day 🌴🌞
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They always say, 'Be yourself' and forget it all when they point out my flaws - my imbalances, my spots. But I tell them the stretch marks that map the hills and valleys of my body are nothing less than tiger stripes, not meant to be tamed. I tell them how my acne scars are like stars, and that my belly and thick thighs are like mountains, that bulge out in places - beautifully asymmetrical.

I'll break the shackles of the perfectionism reckoned by them. For this world is a confined paradise, and I? I'm a rebel.

Write up by @dishahahamohindru ❤ (Thank you for being so excited and helpful!)
~Low Key Photography~
In the frame: Pragya Kumar
Shoutout to @clicksbaba for his amazing profile!
Collaborated with @my.hues
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Stretch marks 💋
📸: @doublerphotographyva

When you decide to #reveal your #flaws #alldaflaws #nomakeup #showerhair #nofilter Ive transformed into a 👦🏻💁🏻 and #goodnight ✌🏻


When you try to do superficial stuff in order to be more appealing, but you're unsuccessful because you know you that quality doesn't reside within you ;)

Sometimes, I wonder if all of these experiences are nothing but, dreams, bad and good trips, a set of illusions and delusions and hallucinations.
And soon, soon it'll end and I'll realise that everything I loved and lived for, were just figments of my imagination.
How heartbreaking and eye-opening it would be to realise that all the things which almost killed me, all the ghosts which didn't let me live, all the moments of melancholy and mourning were nothing but, just the creativity of my own!
Places which calmed my soul, people who felt like home, lovers who left me mid-way and emotions which consumed all my days, what if everything was a farce?
What if the terrible downfall of my being, the ambiguity of situations and the constant existence of chaos in my life were never real?
What if all the pain, suffering and wounds were imaginary and existed only inside my head?
What if the questions and as well as the answers were lying unconsciously, unacknowledged in the corners of my conscience and I never had the time to untangle them?
I really don't know which version of reality I'm living and in how many ways it's similar to others but, I guess, it's all about how we live in our heads. It's all about how we construct our reality, it's just our perception.
Also, whosoever said that we become what we think, was absolutely right. - a.r. •

Captured by - @akshaykapoooor 🌸

✌🏼 BLISS ✌🏼 We need to be #thankful to ourselves; our #awesomeness • our #flaws#smile if you like how your hair came out • #laugh because you want to • #give yourself #props for cooking that delicious meal • #dress up because it makes you #sparkle#just be straight up YOU.
#honor your #soul ✌🏼 bc if you don’t, no one else can #baby
#Thanksgiving was amazing and my heart somehow filled with even more #love ❤️ #thanksgiving #family #belight

Anime: Fairy Tail
Quote By: Erza Scarlet
This is the edit I made in a speed contest with @kyo_zaki XD
I won in terms of speed but his edit was better tbh 😂
How could you possibly achieve anything if you don't first know your weaknesses? If you aren't aware of your weaknesses you won't know why you keep failing and you'll just get frustrated and possibly give up. You need to reflect and find out your weaknesses and work to remove them or turn them into a weapon you can use to your advantage. Even a weakness can turn into a strength. ---------------------------------------------------------------
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